*“Nature has been considered as merchandise for people’s profit”*, continues the report, and considered a mistake to believe *“that all environmental problems can be solved with technological solutions”*.

The report indicates that several scientific researches stated that we have crossed the limits of the planet, and that biodiversity lost, desertification, climate change and changes of the naturals cycles are due to this.

The report *“Harmony with Nature”* shows that there are other ways of relationship among some peoples and states which rescue the human behavior with the concept of *“Living Well”*, with respect to *”nature, cultural identity, life in community and harmony between human beings and between human beings and nature”*. It mentioned that in some countries progress is being made in the recognition and defense of nature rights. Likewise, it proposes that it is necessary to assume deep changes in consume and production patterns, and argues that within *“sustainable development”* the environmental pillar is decreased compared to economics and social pillars, because human being is not yet assume as inseparable part of nature and that to damage it is to damage ourselves.

This report reaffirms interdependence between nature conservation and development, and argues that development depends on Earth care.
It establishes that is necessary to create a sustainable model for production, consumption and economy as a whole, since the earth has limited resources to satisfy basic peoples needs.

The report concludes with recommendations for education levels, science and policy development as well as initiatives to promote a *“holistic”* approach for the relationship between human beings with nature and development.

This first report of General Secretary will be considered at the 65th period of Sessions of the United Nations General Assembly which opens in September this year.