Israeli Troops Take Over MV Rachel Corrie

05.06.2010 - Gaza - Palestine News Network

The Ireland -Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) has been contacted by the MV Rachel Corrie this morning; the groups said that the Israeli navy is trying to jam Equipment.

The Irish vessel is named after an American peace activist that had been ran over and killed by an Israeli bulldozer.

It is carrying more than 20 people: made up of Malaysians and five Irish and also has eight crew members. The ship was going to join the Free Gaza Flottial that was attacked by Israeli on Monday but stayed behind due to unexpected mechanical problems.

Jenny Graham, on board the Rachel Corrie ship, reported that they had been followed by Israeli ships for about 2 hours, and that in the last few minutes 2 ships were approaching from the port side. The call took place around 4:00 am Saturday morning.

Ms Graham said that equipment on board had been jammed by the Israeli navy, and that they expected their satellite phone to be jammed soon as well. Those on board the Rachel Corrie have made clear their peaceful intentions and have stated that they will offer no resistance to Israeli forces.

On Saturday midday the Israeli navy reported that the ship is still sailing to Gaza and refuse to change rout to the Israeli sea port of Ashdod.

And Israeli military spokesman said that are preparing for a similar takeover to that that the military did on Monday with the Free Gaza Flotilla. Nine civilians were killed 54 injured as troops attacked the aid convoy while sailing in the international waters. Most dead were on board the Turkish ship Mavi Marmama

On hearing of the news, Freda Hughes of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) said: *”We all hope that those on board the Rachel Corrie will remain safe and that there will be no repeat of Monday’s terrible attack on the Freedom Flotilla. Our hearts are with you.”*

The Rachel Corrie is flying their Irish, Malaysian and Filipino flags at half mark as a mark of respect for their murdered comrades from the Mavi Marmama which was attacked and hijacked on Monday by Israeli commandos in an attack that left at least 9 people dead. Mavi Marmama was among the Free Gaza six ship aid covey heading to Gaza that was attacked by the Israeli army while sailing in international waters.

The Freedom Flotilla was an effort by a coalition of human rights and humanitarian organizations to nonviolently break through Israel’s blockade, and deliver much needed humanitarian and developmental aid to the Palestinians of Gaza.

Almost 700 passengers from 40 different countries joined the flotilla, including: human rights workers, humanitarian aid workers, Members of Parliament, doctors, nurses, teachers, community leaders, and international journalists.

The lead coalition partners included:

Insani Yardim Vakfi (IHH), the largest coalition partner, contributing 2 Turkish-flagged cargo ships, the Turkish-flagged passenger ship “Mavi Marmara,” and 380 Turkish nationals to the effort. This was IHH’s first attempt to break the Gaza blockade.

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