As of the present, only the United States, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Peru have indicated their acceptance of those elections, which were rejected by an overwhelming majority of countries in the region due to their illegitimacy.

*”Thank you for support in rescuing the existence of democracy, and I also confirm my forceful request to the governments that have announced their support for the efforts to whitewash the coup d’etat, supporting a spurious election process”*, he stated.

In his letter to the presidents of the hemisphere, Zelaya also warned that the decision of the National Congress to not restore him to power constitutes a ratification of the coup d’etat.

The constitutional president denounced the existence of an alliance between the Congressional representatives and the military who attacked his residence, kidnapped him and transported him to Costa Rica the day of the military coup.

*”The National Congress does not have the legal authority to supplant the popular sovereignty and remove the president from power. On the contrary, this is an action classified as a crime of high treason against the nation, which is inviolable”*, he warned.

This week, the Parliament decided by 111 votes to 14 to not restore Zelaya, which is a breach of a key point of the Tegucigalpa/San José Agreement, signed October 30 between the legitimate government and the de facto regime.

Zelaya criticized U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Arturo Valenzuela for continuing to speak of the supposed existence of that agreement, when it had already failed.

*”They can not commit themselves to an agreement to which the United States is not a party. Only those members that participated and the oversight committee may opine on that agreement”*, insisted Zelaya.

In an Op-Ed article published this Friday, the newspaper “Tiempo” characterized the Tegucigalpa/San José agreement as purely rhetorical.

*”Compliance with what remains of that agreement is useless, elusive, as if attempting to revive a body without a heart, with no blood and lacking a soul, if we’re going to allow a place for spirituality”*, noted the daily.

According to that publication, from the moment the United States announced its decision to recognize the elections of November 29, independent of the conduct of such elections under a de facto regime, the affirmation of the coup d’etat was guaranteed.

*(Translation provided by Iuslingua LLC)*