From our origins in Africa, humans have undertaken major expeditions. Various human species left the African cradle to cover the planet.

The motivations behind these early expeditions were mainly for survival. This is how the first settlers of America arrived, down from the frozen North. From them we received Shamanism, a way of thinking capable of achieving non-violent attitudes toward all that lives.

Then, specifically to Mexico, came the Nahua and others, who surely dominated, but also achieved a certain teaching of respect for that which is human.

Subsequently, Western conquerors arrived, and with them more violence and only faint echoes of Renaissance humanism.

Today a new contingent visits us, a group of people who have launched a World March from New Zealand. Like the first migrations undertaken by the early humans, this expedition is enormous. And like the first inhabitants of America who came from the North, survival, in a sense, moves them because today fighting for peace is not only utopian but also vital.

And like the first Europeans who came to this land, they travel using the most modern transportation of the time period.

But unlike any of those before them, their journey is inspired solely to promote peace and nonviolence in humanity.

The passage of this group for each point means the arrival of a new culture, a culture of nonviolence. It represents the arrival of a psychic people coming from distant lands of human mental space, and from these areas great inspirations and high ideals are born.

These visitors continue their journey south to Punta de Vacas, at the foot of Mount Aconcahua in Argentina, but their message of peace and non-violence will take root here as it did with previous spiritual currents of thought that came to this land. I welcome this nonviolent contribution to the human culture and to the Mexican People. Welcome base team for the World March for Peace and Non-Violence to Mexico City!

Welcome to Latin America!

*(Translation provided by Matthew Oleson)*