The march, led by Rafael de la Rubia and Tomás Hirsch along with the wife of the mayor of Bogotá, wound its way down the nearby streets to the green hills, spreading out throughout the city center. The participants, all dressed in white, chanted slogans of non-violence until they reached the Park where, a few hours later, a Concert for Peace was held entertaining the thousands of young people among the audience.

Some of the most popular artists, Pipe Bueno and Los Krapula, shared their music and rhythm with an enthusiastic crowd that remained despite heavy rainfall that began just before the concert.

With the words of Rafael de la Rubia and Tomás Hirsch – *”We do not want North American bases on our Continent” – the huge audience showed their enthusiasm and support for the proposals for a world without nuclear weapons, without conflict and war, and without the invasions and seizure of foreign lands.

The public continued singing and dancing to the rhythm of the first-class musical groups that had come to contribute their music well into the night. “I’m doing my bit” pointed out Pipe Bueno, “but that, at least, is something. We cannot be indifferent to violence”.

[Translation: Sinéad]