First to present his withdrawal from the election was independent presidential candidate, Carlos H. Reyes, proclaiming on Monday that an electoral farce was afoot to legitimize the persons who had conducted the coup.

Montalbán indicated that politicians participating in acts of resistance to demand the restoration of the constitutional order and of the legitimate president, Manuel Zelaya, would withdraw their candidacies.

The National Front against the coup d’etat also once again reiterated this Thursday, during a protest, that it would not recognize results of elections organized by persons who had fractured democratic legality.

The vote is the power of the people. If we vote on the 29th, we will be voting in favor of the coup d’etat, repression and dictatorship, said the coordinator general of the Front, Juan Barahona, in a speech.

The leader of that broad alliance of political and social forces underscored that the people will continue fighting to achieve the restoration of Zelaya and of the constitutional order and for a national constitutional assembly.

At an action in La Merced square, next to the Legislative Palace, Barahona stated that the popular movement would be continual as the resistance is active at a national level.

No one is tired here, no one is giving up. This is a moral fight of a people that has awoken and has learned to defend its rights and that is not daunted, because we are supporting the ideals of Francisco Morazán, he stated.

Since the beginning of this month, the Front has been holding a vigil in front of the national congress to demand that the representatives restore Zelaya.

Barahona confirmed a meeting tomorrow of Front organizations to coordinate resistance actions before which he proclaimed Sunday, November 29 as an electoral farce by those who’d acted in the coup.

*(Translated by Iuslingua LLC)*