Palacio de la Moneda exhibits Charter for a World without Violence

11.11.2009 - Santiago - Pressenza IPA

In the absence of President Michelle Bachelet, it was Vice-president Edmundo Pérez Yoma who received the World without Wars director Gloria Morrison at the Palacio de La Moneda to put up the complete text of the ‘Charter for a World without Violence’ sent by the Nobel Prize winners from Berlin.

Both Silo’s speech at the Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates and the full text of the Charter can now be viewed by the public at their installation on the Patio de los Naranjos for a week.

In his speech, the vice-president underlined the importance of living in accordance with the moral principle of “treating others as you want them to treat you”, in reference to the Charter.

Gloria Morrison highlighted President Bachelet’s enthusiasm and revealed that she would receive the participants in the World March at La Moneda on December 30.

*(Translated by [Simon Bruni](*

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