Alain Ducq, spokesman for the World March in France, went to Abidjan to speak at a university conference regarding nuclear weapons and to participate in several programmes on national Ivorian television. He accepted the invitation from Sery Jean Bosco, the spokesman for the World March for Peace and Nonviolence on the Ivory Coast, a march that in this country is sponsored by the Minister of Reconciliation.

In his speech at the conference, held on the 24th October at the University of Abidjan, Alain Ducq, amongst other issues, drew attention to the responsibility of scientists in the domain of constructing a universal human nation, in particular using their knowledge to aid peace services.

He equally indorsed of one of the speakers remarks, Professor Niamey Messou, who, referring to one of the main objectives of the March, that is to say the withdrawal of foreign troops from occupied territories, recalled the serious acts of violence committed by French troops on the Ivory Coast a few years before, and emphasized that they could be considered as an occupation army that must pull-out immediately.

Interviewed on television news, Mr Ducq invited the President of the Republic, Laurent Gbagbo, to support the Charter for a World Without Violence, drafted during a summit by Nobel Peace Prize winners – and of which the World March is ambassador.

*(Translation provided by Heather Armitage)*