The call for global action includes the holding of sit-ins before US Embassies in various countries around the world.

“We exhort all people committed to democracy and solidarity to join the protest against the dictatorship set up by the Honduran oligarchy in complicity with conservative international sectors”, the organizing body said.

The organizations grouped in the National Front against the coup d’ètat demand the return of constitutional government in Honduras, the unconditional restitution of president Manuel Zelaya and the prosecution of all who have violated human rights.

At the same time they demand that the US government adopt an uncompromising position against the regime of Roberto Micheletti, including the immediate suspension of all military, diplomatic and economic cooperation.

President Zelaya has recently qualified the US government’s position with respect to the regime which took power in his country on July 28 as lukewarm.

He noted that a solution to the Honduran crisis arranged between the legitimate government and President Barrack Obama would take five minutes, given the enormous economic dependence of Honduras on the US.


*(Translation provided by James Williamson)*