Popular Chilean actor will film a documentary about Haitian children.

23.08.2009 - Santiago - Pressenza IPA

The actor, invited to Haiti by the UN, insisted on his interest in “being able to generate an American spirit with more solidarity.”

According to the organizers of the trip, beginning this Sunday, the images recorded in Haiti will be converted into a documentary that will be shown simultaneously in diverse countries of Latin America throughout the end of September.

“We want to go deeper, beyond the post card of Haitian poverty, and beyond the numbers that are truly sad and painful, we want to also focus on childhood, where there is the precise possibility of reversing the situation and having a better future”, Vicuña underscored.

About the trip, he said: “I hope that this fuels my desire to continue working for what is most important, that is the children, for the future, as much in Chile as in the entire region, and to be able to continue with the same hopes that I have and that I hope I don’t lose after visiting this country of Haiti.”

“The power is in our hands to contribute to doing a small great revolution,” added Vicuña.

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