Disarmament: Disappointment due to Lack of Consensus

20.08.2009 - Geneva - Pressenza IPA

Lack of consensus on procedures related to the working agenda of the UNO Conference on Disarmament continues between the participating countries.

The calendar to start the negotiations to prohibit the production of material essential for the production of nuclear weapons is one of the questions that have led to this impasse.

Garold Larson, the US representative on the multilateral negotiating forum, regretted that so much valuable time had been lost.

“It is time for all of us in this chamber, without exception, to again demonstrate that we have the determination to make our efforts concrete and credible and to make the CD a viable instrument for progress”, Larson said.

For her part Mabel Gómez, the Mexican Ambassador to the Disarmament Conference, exhorted her colleagues not to let the forum become “hostage to procedural questions and points of order”.

“It is clear that we will have to work hard to achieve consensus, and it will be indispensable to count on the required political will and flexibility on behalf of all the nations if, in effect, we want to advance towards a world free of nuclear arms”, she added.

*(Translation from Spanish to English: James Williamson)*

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