Costa Rica’s Minister of Education Endorses the World March

28.08.2009 - San Jose - Pressenza IPA

Minister of Education, Costa Rica: Dr. Leonardo Garnier Rímolo demonstrates his support endorsing the World March for Peace and Nonviolence which he considers a great interest to the field of education in which he is organizing activities for the World March.

Promoters of the World March in Costa Rica were received at the ministry of Public Education conferring with officials on a set of themes related to the participation of diverse authorities and officials of the Ministry, including what role the distinct sectors of the Ministry will take on in developing the World March for Peace and Nonviolence in the country.

In the meeting the organizing team of the World March in Costa Rica shared information about gatherings, marches, concerts and other activities organized in some circuits of the field of education, celebrating the commencement of the World March this coming October 2 in the capital of San Jose. They also explained the methodology and pedagogical approach of active nonviolence being incorporated into the Costa Rican curriculum. They agreed to turn this information to the head of the Ministry initiating a process of interchange of experience and knowledge about nonviolence in Costa Rica.

In the endorsement meeting with Dr. Rímolo, were Rosa Muñoz of the Humanist Educators Network, Jose Rafael Quesada, spokesperson for new humanism in Costa Rica, journalist Ana Cecilia Cruz, and advising deputy Alexander Mora, participating as marcher, launching the World March.

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