Painted bodies to promote March for Peace

19.03.2009 - Asuncion - Pressenza IPA

A group of young Paraguayans members of the Humanist Party, gathered downtown in the city of Asunción to attract attention on violence in wars and to invite to join the world march for peace that will take place this year. One of the demonstrators, who sported the symbol of peace in bright colors on her naked breasts declared _it is incredible that we have to get naked to attract attention on a subject as important as nuclear disarmament._

Humanist member Augusto Ferreira explained to the press media that _it is shocking that for the general population it is more alarming to show your naked breasts or behinds than the different forms of violence económic, físical, sexual, etc.- or the existence of nuclear arsenals that are presently standardized_. The activity, which took place in front of the strongly protected pantheon where the national military heroes lie, provoked some traffic problems due to the great number of people that congregated to watch the demonstrators and was finally suspended by police agents.

See video:

*[Translation: Maria Ester Lezaeta]*

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