Coordinator of the World March for Peace and NonViolence gathers support in Costa Rica

06.03.2009 - San José - Pressenza IPA

Rafael de la Rubia, international coordinator of the World March for Peace and NonViolence started his activities with a recorded interview for the main news program of the country. The interviewer, Marcelo Castro, expressed the possibility that the channel accompany the marchers on the journey from México to Costa Rica and manifested his disposition to follow up on the activities of the WM in the country.

Later on, he had an audience with the president of the Legislative Assembly, the house representative Francisco Pacheco (left on the photograph, next to Rafael de la Rubia). He expressed the government’s support and the possibility that the base team of the March be received by the president of the republic. Next, he had an interview with the house representative Alexander Mora who had organized a breakfast with his work team and some national sport figures. Among them the ex-national team member Vicente Wanchope, soccer player and at present the coach of an important first division team.

Also present at this breakfast was house representative for the opposition Elizabeth Fonseca, whom also manifested her total support to the March and her desire to participate personally in the journey covering the country.

De la Rubia later went to the Interamerican Institute for Human Rights, where a conference was being held by the International Depleted Uranium Study Team. There he expressed his commitment to spread the word this subject during the WM.

At noon he attended a lunch organized by the Defender of the Inhabitants, with directors of different departments. At his time, the general ideas pertaining to the WM and the activities to be developed during this year were discussed.

He finished his visit to the country at the University for Peace where he held a meeting with the coordinator of development and communication. Upon leaving, he expressed his satisfaction with the activities that had taken place and his gratitude for the enthusiasm and expressions of support that he received from the people he spoke to.

*Translation: María Ester Lezaeta*

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