Second wave of the Arab Revolt?

Intentional or not, as there are no documents to support this hypothesis, the attack on Libya has served as a diversion to hamper a possible "second wave" of popular revolts in the Arab world. These are the thoughts of the political analyst Immanuel Wallerstein in Znet, published on 2 April by Rebelión and we circulate it because it is a different - and possible - view. »


Nonviolent demonstrators denounce tax avoidance by British firms (and get arrested for it)

During the March 26th demonstration in London a group of nonviolent protesters from UK Uncut occupied the Fortnum and Mason luxury store in Piccadilly to bring attention to it's owners tax avoidance strategies. In spite of their not causing any damage the protesters were arrested after being promised by the police they would not be if they agreed to leave peacefully. »


The Left, West and Military Intervention in Libya

The White House-massaged media spin portrays President Barack Obama's decision to go to war in Libya as a triumph for a triumvirate of liberals -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, and Obama adviser Samantha Power -- who have well-established records of advocating the use of U.S. military force for "humanitarian" purposes. »


Dengist China and Arab Despotism Are Two Different Worlds

The unceasing waves of protests and uprisings against Arab regimes have given rise to a tantalizing question: Why have the winds of change sweeping the Arab world not had any effect on the Chinese people and aroused them against their government? There are many reasons for the absence of tumult in China. These reasons become clear if one takes an unbiased view of the country. »


Ivory Coast, the ignored crisis

The world team of the humanist organism Convergence of Cultures denounces the growing violence that the non-resolved post-electoral crisis is causing in Ivory Coast, and demands a non-violent solution that lets the country overcome the social fracture. There have been many victims of indiscriminate violence, among them the humanists Lacina, Drissa and Moumouni. »


Walking in Gandhi’s footsteps in the fight against corruption

When they were just a few years old, they marched with Gandhi against the laws of an oppressing regime. This weekend a few of the veterans from the 1930 salt march took to the streets again. They were protesting against the democratic government for which they had once fought. The latest nationwide battle is against corruption. »


Three humanists killed in Ivory Coast

According to information received by European Humanists Peter Noordendorp and Benoit Mangin, the situation in Ivory Coast has become increasingly violent: at least three Humanist non-violent activists are amongst those who have been killed. Ceremonies of Well-being (from Silo’s Message) for those involved in the non-violent struggle will be held throughout Europe and beyond. »


Syria death toll climbs as protests spread

At least 55 people are believed to have been killed during a week of unrest in and around the Syrian town of Dera’a, Amnesty International said today as protests spread across the country. Security forces opened fire on protesters in al-Sanamayn and carried out arrests in Damascus, according to reports on Friday, a day after the authorities pledged to investigate the violence »


Cote d’Ivoire: close to civil war in Abidjan

Cote d'Ivoire faces a humanitarian tragedy, with aid access becoming increasingly difficult, hospitals and schools closing, law and order collapsing and casualties mounting, France's representative to the United Nations said on Friday. The crisis has displaced up to a million people, according to the UN refugee agency. Some 90,000 people have fled to neighboring Liberia. »


Immigrant Voting Rights in New York City: What does our Democracy look like?

New York City: At the New School's Eugene Lang College on Wednesday, March 23, the NY Coalition to Expand Voting Rights held a free public forum on non-citizen voting rights and a discussion about Intro. 410, legislation recently introduced in the City Council that would restore municipal voting rights for legally residing non-citizens in New York City. »


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