Cinema: The justified anger of undocumented immigrants and French filmmakers

“We work here! We live here! We’re staying here!” This film and its accompanying manifesto are calling out for the regularization of all “undocumented” workers in France. A true film featuring brave immigrants and made by filmmakers respectful of their words. A joint revolt against a type of legalised inhumanity ... with papers!! »


India, Pakistan Hold Peace Talks

India and Pakistan are holding peace talks today for the first time since the Mumbai attacks of 2008. The Indian and Pakistani foreign ministers are meeting in the Indian capital of New Delhi. India has accused Pakistan of failing to confront militants responsible for attacks inside India territory, while both sides remain divided over competing claims to Kashmir. »


Proactive organizing gets best results

We often in the peace movement are in a reactive mode. But in order to successfully achieve our goals of ending war we have to flip the switch and become more proactive and force those in power to be reacting to us. Unless we begin to have a strategic discussion within the peace community then this will not likely happen. »


Costa Rica ban production of depleted uranium weapons in their free trade zones

In a sign of growing political opposition to uranium weapons, Costa Rica has passed legislation banning their production in its Free Trade Zones. Zonas Francas or Free Ports are common throughout Latin America and are seen as a means of boosting employment in deprived areas by offering favourable operating conditions to foreign companies. »


The Malvinas again

Journalist Luis Ammann points out that 2010 may be the tensest year in Argentine-British relations since the 1982 war and the Argentine government must demonstrate the temper necessary to place its actions in a non-violent framework. Recently, the United Kingdom unilaterally authorized the search for petroleum in the islands' undersea platform. »


Costa Rica legislator joins Global Council

PNND welcomes Edine von Herold Duarte to its Global Council. Edine, a legislator in the Costa Rican Assembly, is a doctor of medicine who has been active in health and disarmament issues. She has submitted a number of bills which have been adopted by the Costa Rican legislature including one to prohibit Depleted Uranium weapons. »


Hundreds of activists blockade nuclear bomb factory in the UK

Up to eight hundred anti-nuclear campaigners from all corners of the UK and other countries joined a blockade of the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston in Berkshire, UK, on February 15th in order to prevent the construction of new nuclear bombs making facilities. Every gate was closed by blockaders in the course of the morning. Twenty-six arrests were reported. »


Humanist Party launches campaign for ‘Direct election of judges and commissioners’

Base teams of the Buenos Aires Humanist Party are setting in motion a mass dissemination campaign in favour of ‘Direct election of judges and commissioners’. The humanists assert that the only way to have judges and commissioners who are concerned with meting out justice and ensuring compliance with the law to the benefit of the people, is with the mechanisms of Real Democracy. »


Meeting for Peace and Non-violence between Israelis and Palestinians

On January 29, two families - one Palestinian and the other Israeli - participated in a joint lunch for peace and reconciliation between both peoples. Both families, who have suffered consequences from the Middle East conflict, chose the path of non-violence. The program has been promoted by the NGO Messengers for Peace and the Parents Circle Family Forum. »


“Vicenza fights back”

Under the motto “Vicenza fights back” pacifists of the Italian city of Vicenza protested against the expansion of the US military base there. Braving the winter snow and cold, they entered the zone currently under construction making a laughing stock of security guards during their change of shift, and hanging peace banners from the tops of cranes. »


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