Anti-regime forces take west Libyan towns

Forces opposed to Kadhafi took control of several western Libyan towns, an official said on Sunday as the strongman played down rebel gains after world leaders called on him to quit. Protest leaders established a transitional "national council" in several eastern and western cities seized from the Kadhafi regime and called on the army to help them take the capital Tripoli. »


U.N.: Thousands May Have Died in Libyan Crackdown

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay is warning thousands of people may have been killed in Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s assault on the growing Libyan uprising. The United Nations is also warning Libya’s food supply network is on the brink of collapse. Deadly clashes are ongoing as anti-government forces close in on the capital city of Tripoli. »


Yemen urged to halt escalating crackdown after two reported killed in capital

Amnesty International has urged the Yemeni authorities to end its crackdown on anti-government demonstrations after two protesters were reported to have been killed in Sana’a. They would be the first fatalities in the capital since the outbreak of unrest earlier this month and bring the total killed to 16, including 13 in the southern city of Aden. »


Libyan Forces Escalate Attacks on Uprising

Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi continues to unleash a wave of violence as he struggles to wipe out a growing uprising against his rule. Reports continue to emerge of scores of human rights abuses by pro-Gaddafi forces. A number of people were reportedly killed today when Libyan forces attacked a mosque in the town of Az Zawiyah. »


Protest in Bahrein

As protests continue in Bahrein, mobilizing people to the squares and public areas to claim for their demands, we tried to interview one of the non-violent Human Rights activist working there but he preferred not to give his name and just explained us the main reasons that are moving people against their government. Here we publish those reasons. »


Defiant Kadhafi orders uprising crushed

Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi ordered his forces to crush an uprising that has rocked his 41-year rule, warning armed protesters they will be executed and vowing to fight to the end. In a defiant and rambling television speech, Kadhafi vowed to remain in Libya as leader, saying he would die as a martyr in the land of his ancestors and fight to the "last drop" of his blood. »


Latin America in the coming years. A Universalist Humanism vision

Latin America is definitely on the move: there are multiple events taking place in political, economic, social, cultural, ethnic, institutional, religious and spiritual fields, showing a new moment. Here we publish the complete transcription of the lecture given at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem by Tomás Hirsch, humanist Latin American leader. »


Four killed in Libya ahead of anti-Kadhafi protest

At least 4 people were killed in clashes with Libyan security forces, opposition websites said, as the country faced a nationwide "Day of Anger" called by cyber-activists. The websites monitored in Cyprus and a Libyan rights group based in London said the clashes with demonstrators opposed to the regime of Libya's leader Kadhafi took place in the eastern town of Al-Baida. »


N.Korea completes missile launch tower

Recent satellite images show that North Korea has completed a launch tower at its new missile base, a key step in efforts to test a missile which could eventually reach the United States, experts say. An image taken on January 10 of the Tongchang-ri base on the west coast shows a moveable launch pad and swing arms along with the tower. »


Pro-Democracy Protests Erupt in Libya; Unrest Continues in Bahrain, Iran, Yemen

A wave of massive protest inspired by the recent uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia continues today across the Middle East and North Africa. In Bahrain, thousands of anti-government protesters are occupying one of the central squares in the capital Manama after two days of strong clashes with the state police and armed forces. »


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