Extra-judicial executions by unmanned drones: from science-fiction to collateral damage

A court case in the UK will suggest that civilians engaged in aiding to guide unmanned aircraft to kill people in foreign countries may be committing serious violations of international law making them liable to prosecution. The high level of civilian deaths perceived as "collateral damage" further puts into question this novel form of political assassinations. »


Kony 2012 – liberation or recolonisation?

YouTube launched Kony 2012 video made Kingsley Sheteh Newuh do a rethink. In the end, not in the way anyone might assume - as an African moved by what he saw. Yes, he did react like the millions of others who were so moved by the story that they immediately shared it to their friends and followers. He shared it on twitter and within a few moments it was retweeted. »


The case of Chile. In Berlin Tomás Hirsch reveals the truth!

For many years, the image of Chile as a perfect example of the success of the neo-liberal model has been exported to the world. In terms of social justice, this model has been a complete failure. Today, when hundreds of thousands of Chileans are protesting on the streets, the world can finally see the truth behind this image. »


Making New Worlds Possible

A report from the Occupy Wall Street forum on the commons Both the commons movement and Occupy spring from a shared sense of urgency about need for a different path toward the future. OTC program director Alexa Bradley was one of the presenters at Occupy Wall Street’s inaugural forum on the commons February 16-19 in Brooklyn. Here is her report on all that happened. »


Referendum – Draft constitution for Syrian Arab Republic

Opponents to the present Syrian government are discounting the referendum that took place Sunday 26th February 2012 saying it’s a delaying tactic. Whatever, the reality, the poll went ahead and time will tell. Something naggingly insists though that if no one trusts anyone how can a political process move ahead? Why not trust the people of Syria? »


Iran’s position on nuclear weapons and nuclear energy

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei addressed a meeting with officials of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) and nuclear scientists in Tehran on February 22, 2011. He stated Iran’s position on the nuclear issues. That position has not changed. We reproduce here selected paragraphs from his speech. »


U.S. photographer detained during protest in Santiago

A photographer for the English-language news site "The Santiago Times" was detained on Thursday while covering a protest related to the Aysén movement. Jason Suder, a volunteer photojournalist for the news site and U.S. citizen, was photographing a confrontation between Chile’s police force and protesters when an officer detained and placed him into a police vehicle. »


Syria: Humanitarian access urged in Homs

Humanitarian aid agencies must be allowed immediate and unhindered access to Homs and other affected areas, Amnesty International said today. The Bab ‘Amr district of the city has come under intensive shelling for more than 17 days, during which time Amnesty International has received the names of 465 people reported to have been killed in Homs. »


New Obama Campaign Co-Chair: ‘The President Is Wrong’

“The president is wrong.” So says one of the newly appointed co-chairs of President Obama’s re-election campaign. Those 4 words headline the site of the organization Progressives United, founded by former U.S. senator and now Obama campaign adviser Russ Feingold. He is referring to Obama’s recent announcement that he will accept super PAC funds for his re-election campaign. »


“The Case of Chile – The failure of the success story; from neo-liberalism’s triumph to the mass protests”

For years, the image of Chile as an example of the success of the neo-liberal model has been exported to the world. In terms of social justice, this model is a complete failure, since only a very small percentage of the country’s inhabitants have benefited from it. Today, when hundreds of thousands of Chileans are protesting on the streets, the world can finally see the truth. »


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