Criminalisation of Nonviolent Protest – the emergence of a disturbing new trend

Around the world we are used to nonviolent protest being violently repressed. Those in a position of power have ruthlessly killed and tortured those who opposed them ever since human beings first learned to fight with sticks and rocks. »


Syria – Houla Massacre Revisited

Pressenza, in communication with writers detailing points of view unaligned with the ‘taken’ media, republishes here two opinion pieces on the issue of the Houla Massacre. The standard media reports are otherwise following the line that it is the Syrian regime that was responsible and is not bothering to correct that view. »


The rise of racism and sectarian violence. Humanism and Nonviolence must give stronger responses

Are we in a pre-widespread war or pre-genocide(s) moment? Or both? In the 1930’s several nations – amongst them the USA and Germany – suffered economic collapse and with it some of the worst examples of racially motivated slaughters recorded in history. And then, WW2. There are lessons to be learned and urgent work to be done to stop history repeating itself. »


Parliaments Step up Action for a new approach to achieve a Nuclear Weapons-Free World

The global campaign against nuclear weapons has picked up steam recently through a shift in approach from its previous emphasis on challenging the nuclear weapon states (NWS) towards a greater focus on empowering the non-NWS to implement their right to a nuclear weapons-free world. This was advanced in the 2010 NPT Review Conference agreement. »


Video Pot and Pans : Grand Prix F1 in Montreal

A group of activists protesting capitalism in general and Quebec's tuition hikes in particular - tried to walk on Crescent Street with «Pot and Pan» on the Montreal street most closely associated with Canadian Grand Prix but police and security guard stop them. Thousands of Formula One fans flock to Crescent St. for the expensive cars, the fee swag and the popular nightclubs. »


Wisconsin Embraces Fascism

Under the sub-head Aspiring, Sticky-Sweet Authoritarian Dictator Remains Firmly in Power, Dr. Glen Barry (usually only speaking out on environmental topics), wrote on the situation as he finds it in this currently in-the-news north American city and state in a personal essay. Can be viewed at: http://drglenbarry.tumblr.com/ »


Catharsis Eludes As The Greek Tragedy Unfolds

The EU continues to be unable to solve its crises. The risk of a default of Greece on repayment of its debt in the next 3 months, or of the country leaving the Euro has increased considerably Hopes that the situation would calm down after the second rescues package for Greece in March 2012, combined with a non-payment of part of the debt to banks have proved illusory »


Law 78: An Explanation

Faced with a crisis surrounding the uproar against the Quebec Government, started by the planned hike in tuition fees, the government has chosen to take the most cowardly and irresponsible route possible: it chose to push through a special law to to take away the rights of all citizens–not just students–to demonstrate. »


Poverty Calls for India-China Cooperation

India had more than one message for China prior to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's 3 day visit to Myanmar, the world's newest darling of democracy being wooed with ardour by the two Asian giants and the US From New Delhi went the un-subtle message that prime minister's visit was actuated by the neighbourly intent of peace and prosperity; and, not by any expansionist design. »


US Attack on Syria Likely with UN Support

US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said today that if they get UN authorization, his country might launch a military intervention in Syria, the scene of conflict between the government and armed opposition. According to Panetta, his main responsibility is to guarantee that Washington gets the support needed from the international community to deploy its troops in Syria. »


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