Democracy is not a Religion

I'm sure you have heard this comment many times, "I'm not voting because I don't believe that my vote is changing anything". Even though I understand where this thinking| comes from, it doesn’t work like that. The democratic system has a particular way of working, just like any other system. This is not a question of belief and it is not about liking something either. »


Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. under investigation (and the dirt keeps on coming)

It started with the News of the World's royal editor and a private investigator who intercepted voice mail messages left for members of the royal household. Both men were jailed in 2007. Illegal voice mail interceptions apparently continued, implicating other journalists and staff. Now James Murdoch, Rupert’s son has closed the newspaper. »


Malaysia to probe protest police brutality claims

Malaysia will investigate claims of police brutality following the death of a demonstrator in a mass street protest for electoral reform, a senior minister said Monday. Riot police fired tear gas and water cannon and arrested more than 1,600 people to end a rally to demand electoral changes on Saturday, drawing intense criticism from human rights groups. »


Clear demands and a pretty tent in Tahrir

Protests continue in Tahrir Square six months after Mubarak resigned on the famous Day of Departure and while much of the world’s media is looking elsewhere for news. More demands are raised by protesters, yet the family atmosphere in Tahrir Square is causing difficulties for the military who fear using tear gas in such an environment. »


Pugwash and Germany Strive for Nuke-Free World

On the same day as Germany assumed the presidency of the UN Security Council on July 1, some 300 current and former policy makers and experts from 43 countries launched the 59th Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs on 'European Contributions to Nuclear Disarmament and Conflict Resolution' with a special day-long symposium focusing on NATO-Russia relationship. »


Israeli Parliament to Vote on Bill to Punish Boycotters

The Israeli parliament is set to vote on a bill that will impose sanctions on people or organizations that call for a boycott of Israel or its settlements. The Israeli parliament's legal advisor, Eyal Inon, was set to make a statement against the bill on Monday, saying the new law will damage freedom of expression. »


Chilean Copper Workers Strike to Protest Privatization

Nearly 17,000 workers at Chile´s National Copper Corporation, went on strike on Monday to protest about the privatization of the mining company. The strikers planned a national rally in Plaza de la Ciudadania outside the presidential palace, where copper miners, the teachers' union and student federations will demand the re-nationalization of the copper mining industry. »


Argentina Confirms Readiness to Negotiate Sovereignty of the Faulklands

The Argentine ambassador to the United Nations, Jorge Argüello, confirmed Argentina’s readiness to “negotiate” with the United Kingdom. This comes after Cristina Fernández de Kirschner described Britain’s rejection of dialogue as a “gesture of mediocrity and stupidity.” Argüello pointed out that the British government “is remaining without arguments” in the dispute. »


US Mayors Call for End to Wars and Nuclear Weapons

Peace activists won a major victory on Monday, June 20, when the US Conference of Mayors voted to adopt two resolutions that call for a drawdown of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and the abolition of nuclear weapons. Both resolutions also demand the reprioritization of defense spending, including the $126 billion spent each year in Iraq and Afghanistan. »


Egypt shaped at the grass roots

While headlines in global media focus upon candidates for the presidency and new parties jostling for electoral advantage, the dynamics of change in Egypt are being shaped at the grass-roots. After six months of political tumult familiar problems dominate the lives of most Egyptians. What is the price of bread? Are jobs available – and what do they pay? »


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