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Multicultural celebration for the new year at Punta de Vacas

At the foot of Mount Aconcagua on the border between Argentina and Chile, there was a diverse and multicultural New Year celebration. A greeting in 18 languages was led by Silo: "For us and for all human beings, let us anticipate the embrace of Peace, Force and Joy," read the final sentence of the message. Attending the event were about 1500 people. »


Direct Transmission of the Grand Finale of the World March for Peace and Non-Violence

On Saturday, January 2nd a grand finale of the World March for Peace will take place. It will begin at 18 hours (Argentine time), with the testimonies from the international team that did the planetary march. There will be a direct transmission through the internet. The international media that can not be present at the Park will also be able to do internet interviews. »


Michelle Bachelet waves from the balcony

From the balcony, which historically presidents of Chile go out onto to greet the crowds that for one reason or another fill the Plaza de la Constitución to greet their president, President Michelle Bachelet, along with Rafael de la Rubia, international coordinator of the World March, Tomás Hirsch and Gloria Morrison, appeared with gestures of joy and affection. »


Peace and Non-Violence in La Moneda

Four different convoys which went through the city of Santiago beginning in the early hours of the morning congregated in Constitution Plaza to welcome the international team from the World March for Peace and Non-Violence. The international team was met in the Palace of La Moneda by the President of the Republic, Sra Michelle Bachelet. »


President of Argentina meets with the World March for Peace and Non-Violence

Today, Cristina Fernandez welcomed the international team from the World March for Peace and Non-Violence in the presidential office. In the meeting, which lasted close to half an hour, they discussed international military conflicts and investment in weapons, among other topics. The activists said they felt very satisfied with the president’s reception. »


20 thousand people welcomed the World March for Peace and Nonviolence into Moreno

On Sunday, part of the World March International Base Team, which travels the world demanding nuclear disarmament and the withdrawal of invading troops from occupied territories, arrived at Moreno, a province of Buenos Aires, where they marched through the city ending up in Plaza Buján, where 20 thousand people were awaiting the parade while enjoying a music festival. »


At least forty thousand people are expected at Morales’ symbolic tenure in Tiahuanaco

Elogia Quispe, Mayoress of the Tiahuanaco locality, reported on Friday that at least forty thousand people are expected in the town, among them presidents, authorities, tourists and ordinary people, for the symbolic tenure of president Evo Morales’ second mandate which will take place on 21 January at the ancestral temple of Kalasasaya. »


Bolivia calls World Conference of Social Movements

Bolivian President Evo Morales announced that a world conference of social movements is to take place in Bolivia, as a response to the failure of the 15th Summit on Climate Change, recently held in Copenhagen. “The problems of climate change are directly linked to the irrational development of industry,” said the president from the region of Chuquisaca. »


What to do? A proposal for Peace and Non-Violence in Latin America

This proposal developed by Tomás Hirsch and delivered to the President of Ecuador, Mr Rafael Correa, comes from the Humanist Movement, as the World March for Peace and Non-Violence is approaching its final destination, arriving at Punta de Vacas, at the foot of Mount Aconcagua, on border between Chile and Argentina on 2 January 2010. »


And what if it was because of this drama that I found meaning in my life?

I was standing in the queue at passport control when Rafael de la Rubia took me to one side and said quietly: “We’re hoping to introduce someone to you, the governor of this department, Antonio Navarro, the former leader of the M-19 group who was indirectly involved in the operation that took your father and several other ambassadors hostage…” »


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