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Occupy Harvard. Students Protest Class by Economics Professor by Staging Walkout

The Occupy movement continues to expand its influence and develop awareness in different fronts. Harvard Economics students decide to raise the issue of what kind of models are taught and what has been the influence of such models in the creation of the present international crisis. Professor teaches "Neo-Kensyan"(!?) doctrine but students describe it as neo-liberal »


Thousands begin to occupy gates of Fort Benning to demand closure of the School of the Americas

Joined by actor Martin Sheen, people from across the Americas call for an end to US military training school. Music fills the air and the atmosphere crackles with excitement as people from around the U.S. and across the Americas pour onto Fort Benning Road, the main entrance to the military base and the home of the US Army School of the Americas. »


Arundhati Roy speaks in New York in support of the Occupy movement

Impassioned critic of neo-imperialism, military occupations, and violent models of economic ‘development’, Arundhati Roy speaks at the People’s University in Washington Square, New York during the Student Week of Action in support of #Occupy. As this young movement continues to inspire the inspiring more voices converge from all corners of the world demanding change »


World Bank and Giant Corporations Allied to Privatize Water Worldwide

The World Bank has launched a new partnership with global corporations including Nestlé, Coca-Cola and Veolia. Housed at the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC), the new venture aspires to “transform the water sector” by inserting the corporate sector into what has historically been a public service. »


Report: Forced Eviction Takes “Occupy” Into Its Next Phase

New York – Liberty Plaza (or Park or Square) looks an awful lot like Zuccotti Park again—aside from the damaged flower beds and a broken plastic peace sign lying in the gutter. At 1 in the morning, hundreds of police in riot gear stormed the plaza, shining floodlights and tearing down tents. »


Journalists arrested and obstructed again during Occupy Wall Street camp eviction

“Zuccotti Park is not Tiananmen Square,” said Scott Stringer, the Borough of Manhattan’s Democratic Party president, criticizing the way the New York police manhandled reporters and kept them at a distance as they evicted Occupy Wall Street protesters from their camp in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park in the early hours of yesterday. »


Occupy Wall Street Protesters Return to Zuccotti Park After 200 Arrested, Camping Barred

Thousands of defiant OWS protesters streamed into Zuccotti Park late Tuesday, less than 24 hours after police forcibly removed them from their camp. Police arrested more than 200 people, including about 12 who had chained themselves to each other and to trees. As protesters returned, a judge upheld the city’s ban preventing them from bringing backpacks and tents into the park »


Zuccotti Park

Mayor Bloomberg ordered the eviction of Zuccotti Park around 2 AM this morning. The police pushed people with batons, destroyed tents, used pepper spray to disperse the protesters, and arrested as many as two hundred. It is striking that after 5,000 years of civilization, including the development of languages, art, science, technology, democracy and cities like New York. »


Tahrir boat activists bumped back to Canada by blockade!

Pressenza spoke with Ehad Lotayef who was deported yesteday from an Israeli detention center to Canada. Lotayef was arrested with David Heap on the Canadian ship «Tahrir» on Friday November 4th. The Israeli navy intercepted the ship about 35 kilometers north of the Gaza Strip in International waters. The Tahrir was part of a flottila to Gaza with the Irish Saoirse vessel. »


Occupy Toronto firefighters protect aboriginal sacred fire

On Monday morning 3h30 am, the Toronto firefighters were called on Occupy Toronto site the St James Park and took a look at the small fire. The firefighters spoke to the people responsible for it, and decided not to extinguish it because it was considered a sacred fire and is being tended to by aboriginals around the clock. »


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