First gay Jewish marriage ceremony in Netherlands

On Sunday, the first ever Jewish ceremony confirming a same-sex marriage was held in the synagogue of the Liberale Joodse Gemeente (Liberal Jewish Community) in Amsterdam. As of this week, Jewish same-sex couples can have their relationships confirmed in one of the community's ten synagogues in a ceremony called Brit Ahava, a covenant of love. »


What Really Matters

Recently Petur Gudjonsson has launched in Island his new book entitled "What Really Matters" and the complete edition was sold out in five days, distributed by Samkaup through supermarkets and shops. A second edition was printed and is also having a very good reception from the readers, while he is preparing the launching of two new books: "Moving on" and "Really?". »


Assange Fears for his Life if Extradited to USA

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, now free on bail in the UK, believes his extradition to USA is politically impossible because he is at risk of being killed there. Assange told The Guardian newspaper it would be unlikely for British authorities to hand him over to the United States if he has public support in the UK. »


Medvedev: START-III is the Cornerstone of World Security

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says he believes the Treaty on the Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (START-III) will be the cornerstone of the world's security for the next decade. "I also think that U.S. President, Barack Obama, did a good job when accomplishing the ratification of the START-III in the Senate," Medvedev said at a Friday press conference. »


Assange Remains Jailed Pending Bail Appeal

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange remains in a London jail after Swedish officials challenged a British court decision to release him on bail. Julian Assange has been detained since last week, when he was arrested in London, United Kingdom, on an international warrant to face supposed sexual crime allegations in Sweden. »


“Deportation initiative” approved in Switzerland

The initiative that demanded the "deportation of foreign criminals" was approved in a national popular referendum this Sunday, 28th of November, with 52.9% of the votes (participation in the referendum was 53.05%). According to the new constitutional article, foreigners who are "criminals" have to be deported and are banned from entering Switzerland for 5 - 15 years. »


Today I am also Sahrawi

Today we are Nayem Elgarhi, we are the mother weeping for her son. Today we are each of the dead, each person battered in the camp of Gdeim Izik. Today we are each of the missing, each of the violated, each of those persecuted for speaking out. Today we are one of the forgotten. Today we also belong to the Saharawi people. »


Reding denounces the situation of the Roma people in Europe as “scandalous.”

The European Commissioner for Justice, Viviane Reding, stated on Friday last that the situation of the Roma people living in Europe is a "scandalous matter" “We have the largest minority in Europe - 10 million people - living in absolute poverty, without access to housing and often without any access to healthcare“, she said. »


Letter to Silo – Boris Koval

Dear Mario, now we live in different spheres, but I feel that our spiritual and moral contact, our friendship and sympathy have not disappeared and cannot ever disappear. Only after the death of a man can we appreciate the real meaning of his life because in everyday life is almost impossible to appreciate the magnitude of the work of others. »


Scientists call for axe to fall on nuclear weapons research

In the UK, Scientists call on the Prime Minister to save funding for scientific research for the benefit of humanity and axe funding for nuclear destruction. Highlighting the lack of financial transparency in military research spending in moments of savage cuts to public services, SGR Executive Director points out, "The Cold War is over." »


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