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Social Organizations from Panama reject the installation of North American Military bases

Rural and indigenous movements, along with teacher, student and worker organizations declared their rejection of the agreement, which could be signed on 30th October, between the Governments of Panama and the United States to reinstall military bases. The project falls under Plan Colombia, now the Mérida Initiative, designed by the North American Government. »


Progress in Honduras talks

Both parties to the Honduras dispute say progress was made during crisis talks. The delegations reportedly reached partial agreement on a proposal submitted by Costa Rican President Óscar Arias. His proposal involves the formation of a government of national unity and elections to be held at the end of next month, as they were planned. »


More US Military Bases in Central America

Panama announced it will sign an agreement with the United States before October 30th to establish military naval stations in Bahia Piña and Punta Coca, on the Pacific Coast. Panama is a member of the Mérida initiative, promoted by the US government to combat drug trafficking. The two governments also discussed how to approach the political crisis in Honduras. »


Zelaya calls for a 24 hours peaceful resistance

Zelaya has remained in the Brazilian embassy since defiantly returning to Honduras one week ago. Coup leaders have now given Brazil a ten-day deadline to hand over Zelaya or face the embassy’s closure. Brazil has rejected the ultimatum and says Zelaya will stay as long as he needs. On Friday, the UN Security Council passed a resolution condemning the embassy siege. »


Guatemalan hospitality for international team of pilgrims

The World March for Peace promotional organizations in Guatemala, together with the council authorities of the City of Esquipulas, host city for the peace agreements negotiated between Central American countries in 1986 and 1987, extend an invitation to the members of the international team that will arrive in that city next December. »


Violence in Honduras Rapidly Augments

After Manuel Zelaya took refuge in the Brazilian embassy in Honduras, the de facto government unleashed a strong chain of increasingly violent actions. With tear gas and mustard gas, they leveled homes and offices of social organizations illegally arresting people. Meanwhile demonstrations of people mounted throughout countries in Latin America denouncing the violence. »


Cuba: More than a Million People at “Peace without Frontiers” Concert

The mega-concert featured the Columbian star Juanes, the Puerto Rican Olga Tañon and Miguel Bosé from Spain. It was a historic Sunday in Havana's Plaza de la Revolución, with more than a million people singing together for peace, love and the brotherhood of all peoples. The objective of the event was to promote peace in the world. »


“I want to be the voice of those who have no opportunity to express themselves and to raise awareness of the fact that peace lies within us”

So say “Grupo Cultural Aruko Wakía” from Costa Rica, a cultural group that seeks to transmit messages of universal convergence on diversity and tolerance among peoples through music. In their words: “to be a part of this world together with other creatures and peaceful beings and to fill this wonderful gift, our Planet Earth, with life”. »


More than 776 million adults are illiterate

About 776 million adults, mostly women, are illiterate, and 75 million children are outside the schools system, the UN Secretary General stressed on the occasion of World Literacy Day, and went on to explain that only education allows individuals to exercise their rights as citizens and human beings. Mr. Ban called upon all to redouble the commitment to universal literacy. »


Insulza reiterates that elections in Honduras will only be recognized if Zelaya returns

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OEA), José Miguel Insulza, assured that the body would not recognize the electoral process proposed by the de-facto Government of Honduras. He stated that the elections would only be valid if the constitutional president Manual Zelaya were allowed to return. »


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