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Interview with Miguel Hirsch: “in Africa I felt that the worst form of violence is economic injustice”

And this is powerfully resonant in Latin America. In other words, people feel the tremendous violence of the impossibility to live in minimal living conditions that equate to a decent life. And the worst of the situation is the injustice of the distribution of resources that cause suffering to a huge majority of people and is accepted as “the norm”. »


Peace is a Human Right

Rafael de la Rubia, international spokesman for the World March for peace and non-violence, wanted to celebrate the International Day for Human Rights. He is doing so from El Salvador, where he is currently with the World March Base Team. In a press release, he proposes that the right to peace be considered a human right. »


Demand delivered to the Base Team of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence

Different residents from the communities of San Marcos walked with the World March for Peace and Nonviolence. The residents made their concerns known to the Base Team of the World March for Peace and Nonviolence about acts committed by the transnational company Union Fenosa in the department of San Marcos in Guatemala. »


Zelaya criticizes governments supporting illegitimate elections

Manuel Zelaya criticized the position of various governments, among them the United States, for supporting the efforts to "whitewash" the coup d'etat of June 28. In a letter to presidents of the Americas, to the OAS and to the UN, Zelaya referred to the countries that recognized the election carried out in Honduras under the de facto regime. »


Mayors for Peace present situation

During November 156 new members joined the movement of local authorities demanding the elimination of all nuclear weapons by 2020. As of December 1st Mayors for Peace counts 3,396 member cities and municipalities in 134 countries and regions. This latest sharp increase of members is an encouragement for Mayors for Peace. »


Hondurans Divided After Coup Backer Wins Presidential Election Boycotted by Zelaya Supporters

The Obama administration is moving further away from its stated support for the reinstatement of the ousted President Manuel Zelaya. Porfirio Lobo, a wealthy landowner, emerged victorious with 55 percent of the vote. Zelaya’s supporters boycotted the election, and many Latin American countries have refused to recognize its outcome. »


Widespread withdrawal of electoral candidates announced in Honduras

(PL) Some 110 candidates for mayor and 55 candidates for congress will withdraw from elections set for next November 29 in Honduras as a protest against the military coup, announced one of the withdrawing candidates today. A candidate for the legislature until today, Alfredo Montalbán explained that the decision was adopted by candidates opposed to last June's coup d'etat. »


Dominican Athlete Marcos Díaz to Swim from Continent to Continent for Anti- Poverty Campaign

Between the months of May and August 2010 distinguished long-distance swimmer from the Dominican Republic Marcos Díaz will be crossing between all the various continents in a UN-supported campaign aimed at raising awareness against poverty. The swimmer spoke at the United Nations on the challenges posed by the initiative. »


Rodrigo Carazo O. supports Nobel Peace Laureates’ Charter for a World without Violence

Rodrigo Carazo Odio, the former president of Costa Rica and founder of the Universidad de la Paz (University for Peace), dedicated to the instruction of professionals and academics in global peace policies and strategies, endorses the *Charter for a World without Violence* drafted by the Nobel Peace Laureates. Costa Rica, has not had an army since 1948. »


Small-holder agriculture must regain its importance in farming development strategies

From 25 to 31 October, Jamaica will be the seat of the V Ministerial Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean on Agriculture and Rural Life in the Americas. This Summit's priority will be to encourage a reassessment of agriculture and the rural environment, in the face of development challenges and to favour urban-rural integration for improved development in those countries. »


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