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Egypt: A non-violent revolution and a future to be built

We humanists feel very joyful at the outcome of the Non-Violent Revolution in Egypt, which has culminated in Mubarak's resignation. Towards the end of January the International Humanist Party showed its support for the “peoples’ protest” in the Arab world; and we demonstrated outside Egyptian embassies in several countries supporting the non-violent struggle of its people. »


India – Bihar Park Trust Registered

As the latest development of the worldwide phenomenon of Parks of Study and Reflection, the Park at Narhi, Madhubani, Bihar, India, is also dedicated to studying and reflecting about the Human Being, the condition, and the evolutionary possibilities that allow general progress toward the establishment of a humanized non-violent world that is without discrimination of any kind. »


Human Rights and Healing Our Wounds

*I am looking at the families that have been affected by the violence. Especially those families like ours whose members have been killed or detained or tortured. I want to focus on what happens with these families, especially of the children, for the restoration of peace in the family, the restoration of peace in the communities. * »


Scientists call for axe to fall on nuclear weapons research

In the UK, Scientists call on the Prime Minister to save funding for scientific research for the benefit of humanity and axe funding for nuclear destruction. Highlighting the lack of financial transparency in military research spending in moments of savage cuts to public services, SGR Executive Director points out, "The Cold War is over." »


Convergence of Cultures says goodbye to Silo, source of inspiration for the New Humanism, with a tribute

Following the death of Mario Luis Rodríguez Cobos (better known as Silo), the humanist organization Convergence of Cultures will pay tribute to its source of inspiration on October 2nd next, coinciding with the International Day of Non-Violence. They will participate along with other organizations inspired by his ideas, in ceremonies that will take place in different countries. »


United Nations emits report of “Harmony with Nature” Bolivia’s initiative

“The present technological era has meant an impoverishment of the relationship of human beings with nature”. This is one of the conclusions of the report “Harmony with Nature” that United Nations General Secretary will present to the General Assembly as a Bolivian initiative, that counts with the sponsorship of other 61 countries. »


A message to our returned friends: Many thanks!

Alicia, Pasqual and Albert were kidnapped by Al Qaeda in Southern Mauritania on the 29th of November 2009. They were travelling in the Solidarity Caravan, organised by the Barcelona Solidarity Action association, transporting support material for projects which are being carried out by 36 Catalan associations in Morocco, Mauritania, Gambia and Senegal. They were freed today. »


The refugees that Europe rejects suffer inhuman treatment in Libya

The Convergence of Cultures calls for urgent action to help refugees in Libya where reports of violence have been received with authorities failing to assist the injured and making deportations to countries in humanitarian crisis. Many of the victims are men, women and children rejected by European authorities, in violation of the Geneva Convention. »


Sir Richard Jolly ‘throws down the gauntlet’ to the new Coalition Government to meet their development commitment promises

Sir Richard Jolly, former Assistant General to the United Nations and co-director of UN intellectual history project, will give the Annual Erskine Childers Lecture entitled “Inequality and Millennium Development Goals.” at Friends House on Tuesday 15th June, 2010 at 6.30pm hosted by Uniting for Peace, Action for UN Renewal and World Disarmament Campaign. »


Nuclear Abolition Day

On June 5, 2010, thousands of people across the world will take part in coordinated local events to mark Nuclear Abolition Day. The message is simple: it’s time for governments to begin negotiating a Nuclear Weapons Convention to ban all nuclear weapons. In some countries, protests will take place outside government buildings or at nuclear facilities. »


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