Republicans Divided, Citizens United.

The Republican caucuses in Iowa with their cliffhanger ending, confirmed two key political points and left a third ignored. First, Republicans are not enthusiastic about any of the candidates. Second, we have entered a new era in political campaigning after the US Supreme Court decision that unleashed a torrent of unreported corporate money into our electoral process. »


If You Can’t Beat Them, Enjoin Them (From Voting)

All eyes are on Iowa this week, as the hodgepodge field of Republican contenders gallivants across that farm state seeking a win, or at least “momentum,” in the campaign for the party’s presidential nomination. But behind the scenes, a battle is being waged by Republicans—not against each other, but against American voters. »


New political imagination is needed

Speaking of the ‘network’, the model and the tool need to be distinguished. As a tool, the network has limitations (such as accessibility); as a model, it can inspire a reconceptualization of the politics in which and whereby information passes from any node to any node, without having to be filtered through the 'middlemen'. »


Authenticity in politics – an Asian model for democracy

Fifteen years under house arrest has been used by Daw Suu to develop a spiritual way of life that is the core of her being. As others have observed, this is why she always talks of a 'revolution of the spirit'. Her insistence on non-violence and non-confrontation, compassion and equality are not mere adjuncts to her political stance, they are part of her spiritual path. »


Bradley Manning and the Fog of War

Accused whistle-blower Pvt. Bradley Manning turned 24 Saturday. He spent his birthday in a pretrial military hearing that could ultimately lead to a sentence of life … or death. Manning stands accused of causing the largest leak of government secrets in United States history. More on Manning shortly. First, a reminder of what he is accused of leaking. »


Why Didn’t the Secularists Do Better in the Egyptian Election?

Despite predictions that liberal, leftist and secular forces would be the main rivals to the FJP (Freedom and Justice Party), a combination of factors led to a disappointing performance. »


Morocco’s Islamist Ruling Party

Cairo – Morocco’s legislative elections, that took place a year early following constitutional changes as part of the kingdom’s response to the Arab Spring, resulted in a triumphant victory for the Islamist Justice and Development Party (PJD). It gained 107 of 395 seats, just over 27%, making it by far the largest party in parliament. »


Truth and Falsehood in Syria

23 Reasons Why We Should be Careful About Uncritically Accepting Western Views of the Syrian Insurrection. As insurrection in Syria lurches towards civil war, the brakes need to be put on the propaganda pouring through the Western mainstream media and accepted uncritically by many who should know better. »


Egyptian Women No Longer Satisfied to Walk One Step Behind Men

Cairo – Since its very beginning in January, the Egyptian revolution has been an all inclusive people’s movement: the Islamists, the Christians or Copts, men, women, the young, the elderly… entire families were there. »


New Brand of Slavery Surfaces in America

We are all familiar with the proverb: **Not all that glitters is gold.** The Romans had a saying which ran as follows: **Aliud est theoria, aliud est practica** – **One thing is theory, another thing is practice.** »


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