Fukushima´s Hidden Message to the World

Part 1 of 2 There are two sources that represent the answers to creating much of the energy production on Earth. Both of the sources are abundant, both of them are free and neither of them will deplete any resource anywhere on the globe. They have been with us from the very beginning. Perhaps they have "been given" to us and were waiting until now for our discovery! »


Open letter to Japanese Prime Minister

Dear Sir. It is with a deep feeling of honor and respect to you and your people that I send you this message. It is an encouraging message and it also contains significant information regarding a Japan's possible future. We decided to put it in video format because it is intended to inspire your minds but also to touch your hearts. »


Letter to Obama, by Pérez Esquivel

Dear Barack Obama, I am writing to you fraternally, and to express concern and indignation at witnessing the destruction and death spread across various countries in the name of “freedom and democracy”, two bastardised and meaningless words that are used to justify the killing which is today celebrated like a sports event. »


The right to protest not doing well in Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya….and Britain

Whilst protesters are shot at in demonstrations against long standing autocratic regimes in the Middle East the British style of avoiding protest and opposition during the Royal Wedding is simply to arrest people **before** they have the opportunity to express themselves. The few who did manage to stage small and peaceful protests are arrested for "Breach of the peace". »


Recalling Hiroshima Encounters in Times of Fukushima Crisis

Images of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, following an unprecedented nine magnitude earthquake and resultant tsunami, inevitably evoke memories of my two encounters with Hiroshima. A gentle monument in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is festooned with thousands of paper cranes that symbolise humankind's fervent desire that Hiroshima and Nagasaki may never happen again. »


Malaria: between hope and fear

Malaria still kills thousands of people a day. That's distressing when you consider it is a disease that can not only be combated, but even eradicated. On the occasion of World Malaria Day for year 2011: the irritation, the expectation and the hopes of three prominent Dutch malaria fighters. By Thijs Westerbeek van Eerten »


The clear and present dangers of depending on nuclear power

Our Humanist Association of Hong Kong Letter to the Editor appeared today in the South China Morning Post newspaper, April 18, 2011. Also appearing on Humanize Asia and Lantau Forum, eliciting comments from others. I replied to one critic that I quote the worst case scenario where nuclear fallout would poison the entire planet. »


Time To End Corporate Impunity

People who have suffered the impact of unjust practices and those who have been victims of abuse from corporate impunity will heave a sigh of relief the day directors of such companies are brought to court from behind their corporate shields. The spins and the twists in legal tangos that play out so impassively will become a thing of the past. »


Barack Obama must speak out on Bahrain bloodshed

Three days after Hosni Mubarak resigned as the long-standing dictator in Egypt, people in the small Gulf state of Bahrain took to the streets, marching to their version of Tahrir: Pearl Square, in the capital city of Manama. Bahrain has been ruled by the same family, the House of Khalifa, since the 1780s – more than 220 years. »


Worldwide more refugees, less help

Over 200 people, Africans fleeing Libya by boat, drowned on Wednesday before reaching safety in Italy. It is just one of many tragedies resulting from North Africa’s refugee crisis, one of the world’s worst, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres. Many of the refugees who were fleeing Libya in fact came from Somalia, Eritrea and Ivory Coast. »


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International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons


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