The Outraged People’s March

15-M takes to the streets after taking the squares and the neighbourhoods. A great march composed of 7 columns will reach Madrid on the 23rd of July. The Marches have left from each one of the cardinal points of the state and will take 30 days. Another March is taking place around the Canary Islands. »


Human rights are completely emptied of meaning when they are used as an argument to justify the bombing of countries.

Speaking at the 4th Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum in Bonn, Germany, this year focusing on the role of the media in the defense of human rights, Pia Figueroa, Director of Pressenza attacked multinational media corporation for their selective approach to defending human rights and spoke about the role of the media in attacks on human rights in Latin America. »


Ancient rituals and modern practices

It is generally thought that separation of the powers of Church and State and an independent judiciary are new considerations and the universal humanists too may think that the Law of Political Accountability is quite new - think again - and look to Africa. Bereket Alemayehu, an organiser with Convergence of Cultures on the African Continent, introduces us to the Gada system. »


Laws repealed in Italy by referendum on 12-13 June

Here we publish a summary of the measures repealed by great majority during the Italian referendum. Nuclear: The repeal of the rules on nuclear power has prevented the installation of new plants in Italy, preventing a return to a kind of energy that had already been rejected in the referendum of 1987, shortly after the Chernobyl accident. »


“Safe” and “Clean” Nuclear Power?

Steven Starr from Physicians for Social Responsibility writes about the dangers of creating so much radioactive waste in the world’s 440 nuclear reactors, the ongoing situation in Fukushima and the legacy of the radioactive exclusion zone around Chernobyl. “It is time to admit that nuclear power is neither a “safe” nor “clean” method to produce energy.” »


Julia Bacha’s story

We present a short amazing video of a conference recently held by Julia Bacha regarding the stories that can change the so called "confirmation bias" (or previous believes) that we all have, and help us open our minds and have a new cognitive resonance or comprehension of a fact that usually we tend to look with some prejudice. Such is the case of non-violence in Palestine. »


Japan Admits 3 Nuclear Meltdowns, More Radiation Leaked into Sea; U.S. Nuclear Waste Poses Deadly Risks

Almost three months after the earthquake and tsunami that triggered a nuclear disaster in Japan, new radiation "hot spots" may require the evacuation of more areas further from the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility. Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency recently admitted for the first time that full nuclear meltdowns occurred at 3 of the plant’s reactors »


London cheers up with non-violent, creative and good humoured pro-democracy Assembly and anti-cuts demonstrations

Trafalgar Square was the venue of a multitudinous Assembly, mainly of young people, inspired by the Spanish and Greek mobilisations demanding real democracy. At the same time UK Uncut carried out actions in defence of the health service inside and outside banks, to raise awareness about their role in the economic crisis used to justify the impending destruction of the NHS. »


Refusing to be Enemies

Palestinian and Israeli Nonviolent resistance to the Israeli occupation The author Maxime Kaufman-Lacusta visited Montreal on May 16th to launch her new book "Refusing to be Enemies". Kaufman-Lacusta is optimistic regarding the future of Palestinian nonviolence movement. The book is about diverse strategies used by different organizations to struggle against the occupation. »


“Toma la Plaza”: Frustration with Unemployment, Budget Cuts Fuels Grassroots Protests in Spain

Tens of thousands of Spanish protesters are demonstrating across the country calling for better economic opportunities, a more representative electoral system, an end to political corruption. The pro-democracy protests started on May 15 in Madrid when people gathered in the central plaza to advocate for change, calling the budding movement “Toma la Plaza,” or “Take the Square” »


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International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons


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