For a new world citizienship

We need to promote inter-cultural thought of diversities, open our minds to change, diversity and unconventionality. School and society need a pedagogic conception of ‘world understanding’ to oppose racism, intolerance and incomprehension in all their forms where the identity of others is trapped in negative stereotypes. »


Psychoactive drugs and Italian youngsters: a sad record in Europe

The recent statements of singer Morgan, who openly admits having used cocaine as an “anti-depressant”, are a clear example of how today’s society no longer accepts any sort of problem or concern: everything has to be “subdued”; a pill will make all troubles magically disappear. Young people especially, are the main target of campaigns that endorse these people as role models. »


“It is a minority who are spoiling it for the rest.”

Alyn Ware, winner of a 2009 right-livelihood award promotes the Nuclear Weapons Convention and vegetarianism in his acceptance speech, at the award dinner in Sweden. He attacks the weapons industry and calls on individuals to act locally while thinking globally to tackle the threat of nuclear weapons and climate change. “It is a minority who are spoiling it for the rest”. »


Demonstrated: “People are caring”

Confronted by the tragic earthquake that shook the ancestral destitution of the suffering Haitian people, a lot of debris has come to light. We, the Dominican people, did and will do everything that we should do in this painful and torturous time for the Haitian people and we appeal for them, for ourselves and for all the people of the world. »


Afghanistan: From killing to bribing

The London conference on Afghanistan was a done deal and has been in the works for a long time. The Taliban seem to be resistant to killing, they actually add to their numbers like amoeba and launch attacks ever closer to the hearts of power. So, if military power, the Big Stick, even carried by 44 countries in a coalition does not work, let us try economic power, the carrot. »


Haiti’s sins

Not even Simón Bolívar, as brave as he was known to be, had the courage to sign diplomatic recognition of the country of African descendants. Bolívar was able to re-launch his struggle for American independence, when Spain had already defeated him, thanks to Haiti's support. The government of Haiti had supported him with the sole condition that Bolivar free the slaves. »


Victoria Manno: Bringing Peace to the heights

Victoria Manno is an actor, journalist and pentathlete, among many other interests. Since 2000, she has started the year by performing a challenge for Peace in one of the 6 continents. She joined the organisation World without Wars and began by climbing mount Aconcagua, carrying the World March for Peace and Non Violence flag to the highest point in the Western World. »


Noam Chomsky Responds to Obama’s First State of the Union

President Obama delivered his first State of the Union address Wednesday night. A full two-thirds of the President’s seventy-minute address was devoted to the economy, the central theme of which was job creation. We get response from MIT professor Noam Chomsky author of Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy. »


After Punta de Vacas

A week has already passed since I left Punta de Vacas. I have arrived in Geneva and am going to leave my bags at home, in the Valais Mountains. I’d love to sum up this wonderful adventure. The World March already seems like a far-away memory and a chapter has just ended. The experience and facts now belong to the past. »


A Global Push for Renewable Energy

With 142 member nations already signed on, the new International Renewable Energy Agency is promoting a fast, global transition to clean, safe, and renewable energy. Alice Slater explains why it's so necessary. "Every 30 minutes, enough of the sun’s energy reaches the Earth’s surface to meet global energy demand for an entire year." »


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Film: The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons

Milagro Sala

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons


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