Humanist Party Manifesto

Our manifesto offers Humanist Party candidates and activists a useful and adaptable platform that challenges the status quo where-ever, bringing into play a Greening and a Humanizing relevant today. Our proposals are are alternatives to what those of the old mentality propose, with their vague and empty promises as they shuffle for prestigious, high paid jobs. »


Need to Focus More on Preventive Diplomacy

Short of passionately pleading for a profound change in the military-oriented mind-sets of decision-makers, SIPRI Director has called for a "far greater focus on less militarized solutions" to the global security challenges ahead, and for "an innovative integration of preventive diplomacy, pre-emptive and early-warning technologies, and cooperative transnational partnerships." »


Saudi Arabia – historical recap

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Nayef Al-Saud, died aged 78. Nayef was the Interior Minister known for his "efficient" crackdown on dissent and thus was praised by US administrators for dealing with "terrorism" (the same administrators who tortured and "rendered" subjects to be tortured). I will briefly write information that is maybe new to some you about this ruling family. »


Criminalisation of Nonviolent Protest – the emergence of a disturbing new trend

Around the world we are used to nonviolent protest being violently repressed. Those in a position of power have ruthlessly killed and tortured those who opposed them ever since human beings first learned to fight with sticks and rocks. »


Syria – Houla Massacre Revisited

Pressenza, in communication with writers detailing points of view unaligned with the ‘taken’ media, republishes here two opinion pieces on the issue of the Houla Massacre. The standard media reports are otherwise following the line that it is the Syrian regime that was responsible and is not bothering to correct that view. »


The rise of racism and sectarian violence. Humanism and Nonviolence must give stronger responses

Are we in a pre-widespread war or pre-genocide(s) moment? Or both? In the 1930’s several nations – amongst them the USA and Germany – suffered economic collapse and with it some of the worst examples of racially motivated slaughters recorded in history. And then, WW2. There are lessons to be learned and urgent work to be done to stop history repeating itself. »


Wisconsin Embraces Fascism

Under the sub-head Aspiring, Sticky-Sweet Authoritarian Dictator Remains Firmly in Power, Dr. Glen Barry (usually only speaking out on environmental topics), wrote on the situation as he finds it in this currently in-the-news north American city and state in a personal essay. Can be viewed at: http://drglenbarry.tumblr.com/ »


This is not our way

I wrote an article that I helped reconstruct demolished Palestinian homes out of civil disobedience. After the article by Melanie Lidman in The Jerusalem Post on April 30, stating that the Interior Ministry was accusing me of illegally constructing Palestinian homes demolished by the municipality, I wrote an op-ed that appeared on May 8. »


Catharsis Eludes As The Greek Tragedy Unfolds

The EU continues to be unable to solve its crises. The risk of a default of Greece on repayment of its debt in the next 3 months, or of the country leaving the Euro has increased considerably Hopes that the situation would calm down after the second rescues package for Greece in March 2012, combined with a non-payment of part of the debt to banks have proved illusory »


Preventing Sunni-Shiite Schism from Hijacking the Arab Spring

In April of this year, I wrote that the upheaval in Syria (the Sunni majority revolt against the Alawite-dominated regime) has turned into a battleground between the Sunni axis led by Turkey and Saudi Arabia and the Shiite axis led by Iran. As events continue to unfold in the region, particularly the Sunni Islamists’ monopolization of the political processes in ... (read more) »


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