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(UN)Security Council Ready for Yet Another Military Intervention – Now in Mali

Citing the threat to regional peace from terrorists and Islamic militants in rebel-held northern Mali, the UN Security Council held out the possibility of endorsing, within the next 45 days, an international military force to restore the unity of the West African country. In a unanimously adopted resolution on 12 October 2012, the 15-member body called on Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon “to provide, at once, ...

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Nuclear Weapons Are ‘No Guarantee’ of Security

The inability of nuclear weapons to guarantee a country’s security or independence was highlighted in the speech of Kazakhstan’s Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kairat Umarov, to the United Nations General Assembly. ICAN Video “The threat of proliferation of nuclear weapons and technology, along with the spectre of their acquisition and use by terrorist entities, has been one of the most daunting challe ...

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U.N. chief warns Ahmadinejad on fiery rhetoric amid European calls for new sanctions

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of the dangers of incendiary rhetoric when two men met in New York on Sunday before this week’s annual gathering of world leaders at the U.N. General Assembly, as Britain, France and Germany have officially called for new European Union sanctions against Iran. “The secretary-general drew attention to the potentially harmful cons ...

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UN Chief Condemns in Iran ‘Threats by Any Member State to Destroy Another’

In a message implicitly addressed to Iran for its repeated threats against Israel and which might also have been indirectly referring to Tel Aviv’s reported plans to launch a military attack on Iran, the UN chief condemned in Tehran “threats by any Member State to destroy or delegitimize another.” Taking note of the latest report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Iran’s nuclear programme, ...

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