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Spanish Organizations Denounce Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement

Madrid, Mar 27 (Prensa Latina) Spanish social and union organizations condemned today trade negotiations between the European Union and the United States to sign the Transatlantic Free Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). A letter presented at the head office of the European Commission in Spain expressed concern about generalized cut of people's fundamental rights and unprecedented influence on large co ...

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Spain’s housing activists scale up squatter movement

Ter Garcia and Diego Sanz Paratcha November 18, 2013   What makes a movement turn into a landlord? Over the past two years in Catalonia, Spain, more than 700 people have made empty houses owned by banks their new homes thanks to the support of the Platform of People Affected by the Mortgage, or PAH. In Andalusia, another 400 people have used a similar strategy to re-appropriate bank-owned buildings. The ide ...

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European Court decides that Spanish eviction law doesn’t protect citizens

By Pilar Paricio The European Court of Justice has judged that Spanish eviction law violates European Law as it doesn't protect citizens from possible abusive clauses that banks have included in their mortgage contracts.  Specifically Spanish law prevents judges from suspending an eviction in the case where mortgage clauses are considered to be abusive. The European Court declared that Spanish Law, in this ...

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Spain: 6 million empty properties, 400,000 families on the streets

The spokesperson for the Mortgage Holders Platform, Chema Ruiz, criticised the Spanish economic model that, in his opinion, defends the banks and leaves people with an enormous debt, and losing their homes when it becomes impossible to repay. This situation has resulted in six million empty residences in Spain while 400,000 families have no home to return to at the end of the day. Ruiz reiterated the need f ...

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Spaniards to protest against austerity cuts, corruption

Amid fresh reports of Royal family corruption, furious Spaniards are set to stage massive nationwide protests against severe budget cuts. Massive protests have been planned for Saturday in Madrid, Barcelona and other cities. Teachers, students, miners, medical staff, workers from various sectors, along with a number of political parties will be taking part in protest. "Today our democracy is threatened, tha ...

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Elderly Spanish couple commits suicide over debts

A retired Spanish couple has committed suicide after receiving an order to evict their home on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca due to unpaid debts. Authorities said the 68-year-old man and the 67-year-old woman, who took an overdose of prescription drugs on Tuesday in their home, stated in a suicide note that they have killed themselves because they were unable to pay their debts and were soon going to ...

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Spain is in the hands of thieves

No doubt. We are in the hands of thieves. The Barcenas, Pallerols, Crespo, Nóos and Mercurio cases, added to the Gürtel case, Millet, Champion, Pretoria and many others, show that those who have been giving us lessons of austerity have been benefitting: not only the bankers and businessmen but also, when the cameras have not focussed on them, the politicians, who have filled their pockets in order to live i ...

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Spain must make fighting racism and xenophobia a priority – UN expert

Spanish authorities must show leadership in the fight against racism and xenophobia in the country, an independent United Nations expert said today, adding that, against a backdrop of pervasive unemployment, the Government must ensure vulnerable groups such as immigrants are not blamed for the nation’s economic woes. “It is crucial that Spain makes the agenda of combating racism, racial discrimination, xeno ...

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In Spain, doctors resist by healing

Some of Spain’s hospitals and clinics have recently begun offering a new kind of public service. In an effort to defend the threatened health care system, thousands of doctors and their supporters have chosen to add civil disobedience to their practice. Last April, the Spanish government approved a Royal Decree — a norm comparable to a law but not approved by the Parliament — that changed the country’s heal ...

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