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Abolition 2000 at Faslane: Get Rid of the Nukes!

A delegation from the Abolition 2000 Global Network for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons visited the Clyde Naval Base in Faslane, Scotland today (19 April 2013) where they released the Faslane Declaration, which calls on the UK to remove the nuclear weapons based in Scotland, abandon nuclear deterrence and join negotiations for global nuclear abolition. The statement had been adopted at the Abolition 2000 A ...

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David Cameron promotes nuclear proliferation

On a visit to Scotland, the home of UK nuclear weapons, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron said, "We cannot be sure on issues of nuclear proliferation, and to me having that nuclear deterrent is quite simply the best insurance policy that you can have, that you will never be subject to nuclear blackmail."  Pressenza publishes the response by the UK Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. David Cameron's co ...

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Embarassment for Cameron as former Defence Secretary pours scorn on nuclear claims

In this Press Release from the UK's Scottish Nationalist Party Michael Portillo (former Conservative Defence Secretary) and Bill Kidd (Member of the Scottish Parliament) respond to UK Prime Minister’s statements in Scotland on nuclear deterrence. David Cameron was facing derision today after a former Tory Defence Secretary poured scorn on his claims that the threat of North Korea justified paying up to £100 ...

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UK government criticised for ignoring peace conference

Bill Kidd MSP, a Co-President Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, is the only parliamentarian from anywhere in the UK attending the historic conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons organised in Oslo by the Norwegian Government. Mr Kidd said: "I am attending this very important conference in Oslo because I believe we must take the issue of nuclear disarmament extr ...

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Youth support for Scots independence doubled

London’s attempts to put up obstacles over Scotland’s independence bid have been aborted after a poll recorded a boost in support for the country’s independence. According to the poll’s results, the number of young Scots supporting the country’s independence has doubled to 58 per cent from 27 per cent in October. The poll also gave Scottish Deputy Minister Nicola Sturgeon a higher approval rating than Alist ...

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The First Step toward Nuclear Free Scotland

Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014 Interview with Bill Kidd, MSP, Scottish National Party, Co-president of PNND[i],  By Maria Kim, of Peace Depot.  The article first appeared in Nuclear Weapon & Nuclear Test Monitor. I was a very young child when I began to dream about the independence of Scotland. More than 100 years ago, my grandmother on my mother’s side was a member of the Independent Labour P ...

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Scotland – In or Out of NATO?

With Scotland in the process of organising a referendum on its status in or out of the United Kingdom, the question of what to with the UK's nuclear weapons based in Faslane are an issue of great interest to the anti-nuclear movement.  Pressenza publishes here a press release by the campaign group NATO Watch.  The original article written by Dr. Ian Davis can be found here. Independent recommendations on SN ...

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Scottish nuclear weapons

Scottish independence has been pending for many years , or centuries if you take to that perspective, and now it’s closer than ever.  It’s only a referendum away.  There’s two issues tied to the discussion on Scottish independence that trigger my professional interest.  First, is the Trident nuclear missiles – the UK weapons of mass destruction deployed and stored in Faslane, Scotland.  What happens to thos ...

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