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Europe Is Positioning Itself Outside World Arena

  Human Wrongs Watch By Roberto Savio* Rome, 22 October 2014 — The new European Commission looks more like an experiment in balancing opposite forces than an institution that is run by some kind of governance. It will probably end up being paralysed by internal conflicts, which is the last thing it needs. **Map of the Thirty Years’ War | Author: Map_Thirty_Years_War-fr.svg: historic air | Wikimedia Com ...

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Ukraine – Truce or Trojan Horse: Retreat, Re-Armament and Relaunch

  Human Wrongs Watch By Prof. James Petras*, September 2014 – TRANSCEND Media Service –  The NATO proxy war in the Ukraine started with the violent US-EU-sponsored overthrow of the elected government via a mob putsch in February 2014. This was well financed at $5 billion, according to President Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. The result was a junta, composed of neo-liberal puppets ...

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‘Say No to War and Media Propaganda’, Mairead Corrigan Maguire , Nobel Peace Laureate

  Human Wrongs Watch By Mairead Corrigan Maguire*, Nobel Peace Laureate, September 2014, TRANSCEND Media Service – While US/UK/NATO are pushing for war with Russia, it behoves people and their governments around the world to take a clear stand for peace and against violence and war, no matter where it comes from. We are at a dangerous point in our history of the human family and it would be the greates ...

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‘Germany unhappy with the way NATO summit has gone over Russia and Ukraine’

Human Wrongs Watch By Russia Today* (RT), 9 September 2014 – Germany does not want to see its money going into something that is going to be misused from its point of view, defense analyst Dr. Binoy Kampmark told RT.   The country is not going to comply with the NATO demand to increase military spending, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, said on Monday. NATO member-states agreed to spend a ...

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A Russian chicken and a NATO egg. Or, is it the other way round?

Democracy Now! reports that "President Obama has met with Ukrainian president-elect Petro Poroshenko as part of a continued swing through Europe. Obama sat down with Poroshenko in Poland after calling on Congress to support a $1 billion plan to ramp up the U.S. military presence across the European continent. Obama said NATO is expanding its presence across Europe following Russian interference in Ukraine. ...

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Scotland – In or Out of NATO?

With Scotland in the process of organising a referendum on its status in or out of the United Kingdom, the question of what to with the UK's nuclear weapons based in Faslane are an issue of great interest to the anti-nuclear movement.  Pressenza publishes here a press release by the campaign group NATO Watch.  The original article written by Dr. Ian Davis can be found here. Independent recommendations on SN ...

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Belgian Peace activists hinder departure of F16 airplanes to NATO nuclear weapons exercise

As of 7:30 AM peace activists are using non-violent means to try and stop the departure of F16 airplanes from the base in Kleine Brogel. Starting today, Belgian pilots are training for the deployment of nuclear weapons together with their NATO-partners. Small groups of activists are going onto the runway to stop the taking off of the F-16s. Meanwhile, the main gate of the base is being blocked. In this way, ...

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Scottish nuclear weapons

Scottish independence has been pending for many years , or centuries if you take to that perspective, and now it’s closer than ever.  It’s only a referendum away.  There’s two issues tied to the discussion on Scottish independence that trigger my professional interest.  First, is the Trident nuclear missiles – the UK weapons of mass destruction deployed and stored in Faslane, Scotland.  What happens to thos ...

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