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Security Council unanimously approves new UN peacekeeping mission in Mali

The Security Council today approved a 12,600-strong United Nations peacekeeping operation to take over from the African-led mission in Mali on 1 July and authorized the blue helmets “to use all necessary means” to carry out security-related stabilization tasks, protect civilians, UN staff and cultural artefacts, and create the conditions for the provision of humanitarian aid. “We know it’s going to be a fai ...

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The other side of French airstrikes on Mali: ‘They ruined everything I had’

French President Francois Hollande is triumphant about his operation in Mali, but stories are emerging which show a different side of the war. Journalist Gonzalo Wancho tells RT that for every two rebels killed in airstrikes, a dozen civilians died. First published: 4 February, 2013 - on “We’re learning what happened in battle day by day. In the town of Konna, we heard stories from the fog of war. [R ...

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Mali: Neo-Colonialism Meets Islamic Fundamentalism… And the People Suffer

by Bill Fletcher, Jr., Black Commentator – TRANSCEND Media Service Neocolonialism and the civil war in Mali bring regional instability. The entrance of the French military into the Malian civil war further complicates a descent into hell which that country has been experiencing for the last two years. Mainstream media attention has largely focused on the emergence of right-wing Islamists associated with Al ...

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World without Wars: Foreign intervention in Mali

Exactly one year ago today, the Republic of Mali saw its sovereignty attacked by armed bandits of all kinds. In fact, the Azawad National Liberation Movement (MNLA), a secessionist movement of the northern regions, in connection with other armed groups, Ançar Dine, Aqmi, MUJAO, and Boko Haram, have invaded three regions in the north of Mali (Timbuktu, Gao and Kidal) in order to install sharia law in Mali. C ...

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Background to the conflict in Mali: France, US, Uranium and the war in Libya

The situation in Mali is confused and complex.  People in the south of the country fear for their future under attack as they are by Islamic fighters from the North, the nomadic Touareg in the North seek independence, French uranium interests in the region gives it strategic importance and the overthrow of Libya has resulted in overseas members of the Libyan security forces returning home heavily armed. In ...

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