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​’20 years needed to rebuild homes in Gaza because of Israeli restrictions’

Human Wrongs Watch By Russia Today (RT)*, 3 September 2014 — It will take 20 years to rebuild only houses in Gaza, not schools, not hospitals, not other civilian infrastructure, which has been damaged during Israeli operations, Ruth Allan of the Norwegian Refugee Council, told RT.* A long-term truce in Gaza was agreed with Israel last week. Israel Defense Forces began operation Protective Edge in the Hamas- ...

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UN Secretary General “Alarmed” at Israel’s Announced Seizure of West Bank Land

Human Wrongs Watch United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on 1 September 2014 voiced his alarm at the announcement by Israeli authorities to declare nearly 1,000 acres of land in Bethlehem as so-called “state land.” “The seizure of such a large swathe of land risks paving the way for further settlement activity, which – as the United Nations has reiterated on many occasions – is illegal under internat ...

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In 2008 Israel Agreed to a Protocol for the Port of Gaza. Why not now?

Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children In August, 2008, I and forty-three other participants motored into Gaza by sea in two converted fishing boats, becoming the first to openly succeed in doing so since 1967.  The entry stamp in our passports reads “Gaza port” and was created for the occasion.  We carried a modest cargo of hearing aids for the children of the Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children. Israel tried m ...

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10,000 protest in Tel Aviv for a just peace, end to occupation

"Under a coalition of Israeli left-wing political parties and organizations, thousands gathered in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square in the largest anti-war demonstration since the outbreak of violence in Gaza. Some 10,000 Israelis flooded Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square under the slogan “Changing direction: toward peace, away from war” in the largest anti-Gaza war demonstration in Israel since the outbreak of hostilities mo ...

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Jews & Arabs Refuse To Be Enemies

New York, 08/11/2014 The social group #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies got together today outside of the United Nations for a silent protest to hold the leaders of the world, the professionals who promised peace and security, accountable for their failures and in the memory of those who have lost their lives in the recent war in Gaza. ...

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World without Wars and without Violence calls on world governments to put into effect a “Uniting for Peace Resolution (377)” at the UN General Assembly

World without Wars and Violence, Humanist Organisation Press Release Every Israeli and every Palestinian is a sacred being. The recent ceasefire attempted to bring an end to four weeks of fighting that killed nearly 1,900 Palestinians, mostly civilians. Sixty-four Israeli soldiers and three civilians were also killed. World without Wars and Violence demands the right for all human beings to live in peace an ...

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Israel: An Emergency Conference of Professionals on Countering Hate Crimes

Press release By Social Workers for Peace and Welfare Last week, Social Workers for Peace and Welfare (SWPW) convened an emergency conference on the battle against hate crimes, in conjunction with the Schools of Social Work at three Israeli universities - Tel Aviv, Haifa and Ben-Gurion (Beersheba) – and two colleges, Sapir and Tel Hai. More than 200 Jewish and Arab professionals from all over the country at ...

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It’s doable: Peace Israel-Palestine (1)

This article was first published on TFF PressInfo Violence is a dead end Look at the violence in Gaza today, DR Congo (6 million dead), Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia etc: Isn’t it obvious that the world needs a completely new approach to conflicts? We’ll never rid the world of conflicts, conflicts is part of human and social life. Conflict-prevention is a meaningless term. But we can rid the world of mo ...

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Israel: Preparing the next war before the weapons have cooled down

By Meir Margalit The headline of an article in the Jerusalem Post on August 3rd, days before the agreed ceasefire, signed by Eric Mandel, has left me stunned, shocked. Its title reads: "Lessons to learn before the next war." The war continued, the tanks were still raging, people on both sides were still dying and killing each other, but the author of this note, a certainly precocious and clairvoyant man, is ...

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