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Mahmoud Abbas: Negotiations with Israel aren’t at a deadlock

    Deutsche Welle, Press Release The peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis "are difficult but they haven't reached a deadlock," said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in an interview with DW in Berlin during his visit to Germany. Palestinian President Abbas rejected media reports claiming that Israeli-Palestinian peace talks have come to a standstill. Concerning a report in the I ...

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Hope and Pessimism as Israelis and Palestinians Resume Talks

By Mitchell Plitnick for IPS News. WASHINGTON, Oct 4 2013 (IPS) - Israeli and Palestinian negotiators returned to the negotiating table on Thursday, ready to put claims by the United States that it will engage more forcefully in the negotiating process to the test. The talks, which paused for the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly, have been struggling amidst Palestinian complaints of Israeli f ...

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Netanyahu’s new Israeli government: Here we go again

By Alon Ben-Meir, Professor of International Relations, Center for Global Affairs at NYU. At the eleventh hour, Prime Minister Netanyahu hustled to put his coalition government together only two days before President Obama’s visit to Israel. Undoubtedly, Netanyahu’s last-ditch effort was prompted by his incontrovertible desire to be the sitting, rather than the caretaker, prime minister in his meeting with ...

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UN: Ban renews call to rescind plans for new Israeli settlements after on-site protests

14 January 2013 – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon again called on Israel today to withdraw new settlement plans for East Jerusalem while stressing that protests over the plans, as well as reactions to them, must remain peaceful, noting that they had been largely non-violent so far. “The Secretary-General is following with concern developments regarding the announced plans for Israeli settlement ...

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Israeli Occupation Demolishes Palestinian Houses, Structures in Hebron

Following on Pressenza's recent coverage of the eviction by Israeli forces of the attempted new village on Palestinian territories , Israel starts clearing more land in preparation for settlements. On Monday 14th January, bulldozers of the Israeli occupation authority demolished several Palestinian houses, agricultural structures and barracks belonging to al-Hathaleen family, adjacent to the settlement of ' ...

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Palestinian Village of Bab Al-Shams Violently Evicted

Although established on privately owned Palestinian lands, Israel forcefully expelled residents of the village in a pre-dawn raid this morning. Six required medical attention Sunday 13th January, shortly before 3 am, hundreds of Israeli cops and soldiers staged a raid on the newly founded Palestinian village of Bab Al-shams (Gate of the Sun), violently evicting its 150 inhabitants. Use of police brutality i ...

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Palestinian, International Activists Storm E1 Zone, New Palestinian Village to be Built

On Friday 11th January, dozens of Palestinian activists from the Palestinian Popular Resistance stormed Area E1, which connects Jerusalem with Ma'ali Adumim settlement, and started to erect tents in preparation to start building a new Palestinian village under the name Bab As-Shams (Gate of the Sun). Around 200 Palestinian and International activists raided the Area; some entered from Jerusalem and others f ...

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Meir Margalit in Jerusalem: Palestinians could prevent settlements

Meir Margalit is a Jerusalem City Councilman representing the Meretz party. He is also a founder and coordinator of ICAHD: Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (of Palestinian Homes) In an interview he explains that there will be national elections in January, in which only Israelis vote, and Municipal elections in September, in which the Palestinians of East Jerusalem are also entitled to vote, but ...

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The Iran-Israel problem – starting points

It was never about the Jewish religion and Islam, at least in times before the present. Even now the more discerning would rather say it is Israel-Islam at loggerheads, distinguishing between the Jewish religion and Israel. It is political-territorial. Despite that some proponents of the State of Israel will say there is no distinction between the state and the religion, others beg to differ. Those proponen ...

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