04.02.2015 Human Wrongs Watch

The Three Roles of the Arab Peace Initiative

The Three Roles of the Arab Peace Initiative

Human Wrongs Watch By Walid Salem*, 2 February 2015 – TRANSCEND Media Service In the current context, almost 13 years after its initiation and after the passing away of King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia who originally initiated it, the Arab Peace Initiative is seen to have the following … »

30.01.2015 PressTV

Israel to build 430 new settler homes: NGO

Israel to build 430 new settler homes: NGO

The Israeli regime has approved plans for the construction of some 430 new illegal settler homes on occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank, reports say. Daniel Seidemann, head of the Terrestrial Jerusalem group, which monitors Israeli settlement activity on occupied Palestinian land in east Al-Quds (Jerusalem), made the announcement on Friday. »

20.10.2014 +972 Magazine

One- or two-state solution? The answer is both (or neither) by Noam Sheizaf The two-state solution is not a progressive cause and neither is a single-state solution — they are just possible means to an end. The only possible goal for progressive politics in Israel/Palestine can be full human, civil and political rights for everyone living on this … »

30.08.2014 Baher Kamal

The War for Nothing

The War for Nothing

Human Wrongs Watch By Uri Avnery 30 August 2014 AFTER 50 DAYS, the war is over. Hallelujah. On the Israeli side: 71 dead, among them 66 soldiers, 1 child. On the Palestinian side: 2,143 dead, 577 of them children, 263 women, 102 elderly. 11,230 injured. 10,800 buildings destroyed. 8,000 … »

28.08.2014 Palestine-Israel Journal

Glossary of Words that Work for Peace

by Rosa Lia, for the Palestine-Israel Journal Here is a list of terms taken from different cultures and languages (English, Hebrew, Arabic, Sanskrit and Bantu) that all form part of the quest for that one elusive word: peace. Ahimsa: A Sanskrit term meaning no harm or no injury. »



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