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Stay human, the Reading Movie

Review: Stay human, the Reading Movie - a historical document of a crime against humanity This work diverges from any known genre explored so far including documentary, fiction, docufiction, and theatre lecturing. ‘Stay Human’ is a pioneer piece of work in a new film genre: the ‘Reading Movie’. ‘Stay Human – The Reading Movie’ features the reading of the book 'Gaza - Restiamo Umani' (‘Gaza - Stay Human’) in ...

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After Brokering Gaza Ceasefire, Egypt’s Morsi Re-Ignites Protests With Decree Expanding Powers

Protests continue in Cairo’s Tahrir Square after Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi issued a decree last week, seizing wide-ranging powers and protections from judicial review or oversight. Morsi made the move one day after he helped secure a ceasefire ending Israel’s assault on Gaza. More than 500 people have been injured in clashes between police and protesters since the decree was issued. Morsi has tried t ...

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Bombed, Wounded, and Celebrating

By Mel Frykberg The ceasefire has brought extremities in Gaza. In the morning the coastal territory woke up bashed and bloody from one of Israel’s most intensive nights of bombardment since a week’s tit for tat violence broke out between Hamas and Israel. By late morning the coastal strip was ghostly quiet, gripped with fear as people stayed indoors awaiting the inevitable retaliation from Israel for a bus ...

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Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams on Gaza: “We Can’t Support Punishing an Entire Population”

Jody Williams, winner of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize for her work with the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, calls for an end to Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip. Williams chairs the Nobel Women’s Initiative and is author of the forthcoming book, "My Name Is Jody Williams: A Vermont Girl’s Winding Path to the Nobel Peace Prize." In 2011, she joined three other women Nobel Peace laureates in calling ...

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Israel has the power to end this violence

The Humanist Association of Hong Kong, along with the committee of the Humanist International (International Federation of Humanist Parties), is asking the Israeli government to cease its violent reprisals for the attacks on its citizens by the extreme military wing of Hamas. It is in a position to do this given that the firepower of its military is vastly superior to that of the Palestinians. How much long ...

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Palestinian Civilians Bear the Brunt of Unrelenting Bombings in U.S.-Backed Attack on Gaza

President Obama has announced his full support for Israel’s ongoing assault on the Gaza Strip even as dozens of Palestinians, including many civilians, continue to be killed by U.S.-supplied weaponry. At least 95 Palestinians have been killed in air strikes by warplanes and drones. More than 700 have been wounded, including 200 children. On Sunday, a massive air strike leveled a home in Gaza City killing 12 ...

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Jewish Voices for Peace

The news coming out of Gaza and Israel these past few days has been truly horrifying. Drones and F-16s are dropping bombs over densely populated Gaza, which continues to be under Israel’s control from infrastructure to border. Twenty Palestinians have been killed. Rockets being launched out of Gaza have killed three Israeli civilians. This Operation “Pillar of Defense” is being paid for thanks to the blank ...

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Noam Chomsky on Gaza, and the 2 Positives of Election 2012: The Worst Didn’t Happen — and It’s Over

World-renowned political dissident, linguist, author and MIT professor Noam Chomsky joins us to discuss his recent trip to the Gaza Strip, where he publicly called on Israel to put an end to the blockade on the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave. "[Gaza] is a lesson for people from the West," Chomsky says. "If they can struggle on under really harsh and brutal conditions, [it] tells us we ought to be doing a lot m ...

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