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Télam es una de las grandes agencias de noticias a nivel regional. El prestigio, acceso a fuentes oficiales, la cobertura en todo el territorio nacional y corresponsalías en el exterior; y la responsabilidad en el tratamiento informativo son características que colocan a Télam en referente periodístico confiable y creíble en el país y en el mundo. Sostiene un servicio actualizado, detallado y original en diversos formatos, las 24 horas del día, todos los días del año. Es líder en el mercado nacional y sostiene alianzas a nivel regional y mundial que le permiten expandir los servicios periodísticos. Suministra sus productos vía on line, tanto a nivel local como internacional. En la actualidad, la Agencia suma a sus servicios tradicionales, nuevos desafíos a partir de la realización de producciones multimedia para diversas plataformas.

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Vulture Funds: U.N. approval of resolution on debt restructuring

[Argentina's] Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman hailed the U.N. General Assembly approval of the resolution fostered by Argentina, to set up a new international legal framework for the restructure of sovereign debts. The United Nations voted overwhelmingly in favor of a legal framework that would help regulate the foreign sovereign debt restructuring. The result was 124 votes in favor, 11 against and 41 abst ...

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Argentine Foreign Minister: “The G77+China shall present a project on the sovereign debt restructuring”

Foreign Minister Hector Timerman confirmed that on Sept. 9 the G77+China Group shall present before the General Assembly of the United Nations a draft project for a convention on the restructure of sovereign debts. “Because there is a huge legal vacuum that affects the majority of the world´s countries”, the Minister said. In statements to the newspaper Pagina/12, he said that “after judge Thomas Griesa´s r ...

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Vulture Funds v Argentina: The Guardian asserts that Obama could put a stop to Griesa’s ruling

The important British newspaper The Guardian held that the President of the United States has the Constitutional power of reverting the ruling of New York Judge Thomas Griesa, on the basis that it interferes with his foreign policy. Telam The story, signed by journalist Greg Palast, a specialist on vulture funds, refers to a clause of the U.S. Constitution known as the “Separation of Powers”, which allows t ...

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Uruguay’s President Mujica says vulture funds are after Argentina’s oil

Uruguayan President Jose Mujica conveyed his concern at the U.S. Supreme Court ruling and held that the vulture funds intentions are related to the Vaca Muerta oilfields in the Province of Neuquen. He also said that the region’s countries should do something to help Argentina so that the confrontation with vulture funds would be “with the Americas and not only with Argentina.” Mujica made this remarks when ...

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Vulture funds: British MPs signed resolution supporting Argentina

More than 100 British members of Parliament signed a support motion aimed at avoiding that the vulture funds make profit from Argentina and in this way cause a defaulting on payments on part of the country. The Parliamentary Proposal was made through the International Catholic Jubilee and signed by 106 MPs, sources of that London-based organization told Telam. The Proposal warns that “vulture funds are tryi ...

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“Our fight against the vulture funds receives much support worldwide”

Telam: Argentina’s Foreign Minister, Hector Timerman signaled the support on part of the United States to the Argentine stand before the Supreme Court of that country in the case against the vulture funds. He also reminded that Argentina "was the first country that decided to battle on" those speculative interests. "Our fight against the vulture funds receives a lot of support in the world, mainly of countr ...

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Argentina: “The Government faces interests that want the market to regulate the economy”

Congressman Carlos Heller, of the New Encounter Movement, said that “the Government is now facing interests that want the market to regulate the economy”. He added that the Government “is facing this situation by opposing the increase of speculative prices and taking a close look into each of the chains of value”. "The eternal discussion on who runs the economy is now open between a State that is present, w ...

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The Ecuador Government confirmed its protection to Julian Assange

Telam, Ecuador Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño confirmed his country’s protection to Julian Assange, now under diplomatic refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London since 2012. He said so during a Christmas message delivered from Quito. In a message addressed to Assange, Patiño told the Australian journalist and wikileaks founder: “you well know that we keep our firm decision of protecting your life and you ...

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Assange praised Argentina’s struggle against news media monopolies

Télam: Trough videoconference with Mar del Plata, from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London where he remains as a political refugee, Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, said that “the struggle against news media monopolies is the struggle of a whole nation, because a country is as good as its communications media.” He also praised Argentina by saying that “it has struggled a lot in that sense.” Assange sp ...

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Argentina: “The Audiovisual Communications Law does not affect freedom of expression”

Supreme Court Chairman Ricardo Lorenzetti defended the constitutionality of the Audiovisual Communications Law and held that “there is no evidence that if affects freedom of expression.” “We have the institutional responsibility to explain the content of the Court ruling and to convey certainty to the population. This is the same Supreme Court of before,” Lorenzetti told Radio Continental. He also ratified ...

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