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Spain: 6 million empty properties, 400,000 families on the streets

Housing estate Vallecas 50 in Madrid (Spain).
Luis García

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The spokesperson for the Mortgage Holders Platform, Chema Ruiz, criticised the Spanish economic model that, in his opinion, defends the banks and leaves people with an enormous debt, and losing their homes when it becomes impossible to repay.

This situation has resulted in six million empty residences in Spain while 400,000 families have no home to return to at the end of the day.

Ruiz reiterated the need for efforts to be made so that housing becomes a right instead of a business.  Moreover he called on people to fight against evictions instead of committing suicide.

Continuing on, he demanded a moratorium on evictions, a law of retroactive payment in full, as well as calling for social housing to be made available.

Evictions have become a social tragedy in Spain and numerous cases have led to suicides.  Since the start of the financial crisis, more than 350,000 families have lost their homes due to non-payment of mortgages.

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