Nukes are never peaceful

04.03.2013 - Hong Kong SAR China - Tony Henderson
Nukes are never peaceful
anti nuclear protest Hong Kong June 2011


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Time: 12:00 – 18:00
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Room Y409
(1) A speaker from @3aKoriyama on the recent happenings in Fukushima and the current state of health of Fukushima residents with a special  focus on children.
(2) Professor Tian Song of  College of Philosophy and Sociology, Beijing Normal University, on A Critical Appraisal on Nuclear Technology: The Chinese Experience

Interpretation into English will be provided for speeches in other langauges.


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Tony Henderson is a freelance writer working in Hong Kong, since 1980, and previously Japan, for seven years following two years in Mauritius after a year in Libya. Long time participant in the Humanist Movement and spokesman for Universal Humanism in Hong Kong. Also, Pressenza Hong Kong Bureau Chief.

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