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OccupyLSX High Court hearing concludes – No decision until Jan 11th

After four and a half days of representations from the City of London Corporation, Occupy London (represented by John Cooper QC and Michael Paget on behalf of named defendant Tammy Samede) and two litigants in person, George Barda and Daniel Ashman, the OccupyLSX hearing has concluded at the High Court with Christmas wishes being given to and by all concerned.

We reproduce here a Statement from [Occupy LSX]( (the London Stock Exchange) in connection to the eviction hearing promoted by the City of London Corporation: Mr Justice Lindblom indicated that judgement would be handed down “early in the next term.” While he could not commit to a particular date, this means that judgement will not be given until 11 January next year at the earliest.

In his closing remarks, Mr Justice Lindblom made a particular point of complimenting all those in court for the way they had conducted themselves: “Proceedings, important and contentious as they are, have been presented with extraordinary courtesy and for that I thank you.”

Bank of Ideas will also be back in court for is appeal hearing sometime from the beginning of the new legal term on 11 January.

Occupy Justice, housed in the abandoned Old Street Magistrate’s Court which was liberated recently by Occupy London and Occupy Veterans, will shortly be announcing its plans to put the one per cent, who have gained from and caused much of the current economic and social inequalities we are experiencing, on trial. Papers have been served against Occupy Justice itself for a possession court hearing on 3 January (venue TBC).

OccupyLondon’s occupation at Finsbury Squareis not facing legal action.

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