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12.02.2016 Pressenza Hong Kong

Have a Heart, GODIVA!

Have a Heart, GODIVA!

Dear Reader, Tell Godiva to have a heart for cocoa farmers this Valentine’s Day! Send a message urging Godiva to trace the cocoa it uses and ensure the farmers who grow it will earn their fair share!There are unsavory ingredients in Godiva’s chocolate: farmer poverty and child … »

11.02.2016 Tony Henderson

Fish ball riots in Hong Kong’s Mongkok

Fish ball riots in Hong Kong’s Mongkok

In Hong Kong 2016 the Lunar New Year was being happily celebrated across the territory and in the crowded ever-popular Mongkok district it was the perennially delightful scene of crowds and snack stalls, kids and elders alike all enjoying seasonal affairs – when the government’s urban guerrillas arrived and another … »

10.02.2016 Human Wrongs Watch

Violence Is a Preventable Disease

Human Wrongs Watch By Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate* BELFAST, 9 February 2016 (IPS) – The World Health Organization has said that ‘Violence is a preventable disease’ and people are not born violent, rather we all … »

08.02.2016 Human Wrongs Watch

Appeal for Children

Appeal for Children

Human Wrongs Watch UNICEF is launching a US$2.8 billion appeal to reach 43 million children in humanitarian emergencies, of which the largest portion, 25 per cent, targets educating children in emergencies.*  Every year, the lives of millions of children and their families are disrupted, upended or nearly destroyed … »

07.02.2016 Pressenza London

Chelsea Manning releases Podcast to tell her story in her own words

Actress Michelle Hendley portrays WikilLeaks whistleblower’s voice due to prison restrictions barring her from speaking directly to press. (Via Common Dreams) The recording was produced in collaboration with Amnesty International and voiced by actress Michelle Hendley. Due to prison restrictions, Chelsea is barred from speaking to any members of … »

05.02.2016 Silvia Swinden

Assange detention arbitrary according to the UN

Assange detention arbitrary according to the UN

According to the Guardian newspaper “Julian Assange is in arbitrary detention, UN panel finds. WikiLeaks chief, who is avoiding extradition by living in Ecuadorian embassy, has won UN backing” The ruling is not legally binding and the UK authorities have made clear that if he leaves the Ecuadorian Embassy, where he has … »



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