30.01.2015 Pressenza London

What ‘austerity’ has done to Greek healthcare

This week a number of mayor hospitals in the UK have refused to sign this year’s budget offered by the Government on the grounds that the draconian cuts will indeed put the lives of patients at risk. Nothing more opportune, then, than this cautionary example coming from Greece on the … »

24.01.2015 Human Wrongs Watch

‘Clean air doesn’t come to those who wait’

Human Wrongs Watch By Zhang Kai* 22 January, 2015, Greenpeace — “One thing that fascinated and shocked me the most was the fact that even on smoggy days, people still lived their lives as usual,” said Chinese film director Jia Zhangke last week as the air … »

10.01.2015 Pressenza London

Life, the universe and the NHS crisis

By CARL WALKER For Open Democracy, Our NHS The [UK National Health Service] NHS is in crisis like never before – but the political game ignores the real causes of the problem. Accident and Emergency services have gone into unprecedented meltdown across England, health professionals tell us this … »

06.01.2015 Pressenza London

Bad Science? How can we tell?

Bad Science? How can we tell?

We recently published in Pressenza, and in good faith, an article about Monsanto’s production of yet another horrible, horrible substance, with the scary potential to inflict ‘autism in half of our children’. The ‘expert’ raising the alarm in this case, Senior Research Scientist at MIT, Stephanie Seneff, PhD, appeared to … »

26.12.2014 Pressenza London

What doctors know – in England and in America

By Dr Paul Hobday for Open Democracy: Our NHS [National Health Service] The NHS was set up to ensure doctors put patients before profits. But that is now being rapidly undermined in favour of a US-style system. What English doctors know I was a GP for 30 years. I only … »

19.12.2014 Human Wrongs Watch

Middle East — 8.6 Million Lives Torn Apart

Middle East — 8.6 Million Lives Torn Apart

Human Wrongs Watch Amman, 19 December 2014 - “The Syria crisis represents the biggest threat to children of recent times. By the end of 2015, the lives of over 8.6 million children across the region will have been torn apart by violence and forced displacement. That compares to a figure … »



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